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PostPosted: November 16th, 2008, 8:54 am 
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Since this is a »Feature Requests« thread, I’d like to mention the following and hope it’ll be fixed soon:

1. When reading/writing MP3 ID3 tags, SAM stores the BPM value in the »XFade« tag, within the »&bmp=« field. Unfortunately, the decimal point character out of Windows' Regional Settings is used for that, so whenever you switch that you have to re-tag LOTS of files.

I normally work on a German Windows, so I modified all my XFade tags to contain BPM like »…&bmp=120,52«. Now when I take my external disc with me to do a show at a colleague’s place (who runs English Windows) NOT ONE of my »&bmp=« settings can be read without EITHER modifying all files or changing his regional settings to decimal point = »,« which of course messes up other things.

1a. I’d strongly vote for UNIFORMELY STORING this (and other) values, i.e. using the »international« variant »&bmp=120.52« with a dot as decimal separator.

1b. Also, I’d of course like that someone would change the typo and revert the field name back to »&bpm=«. And YES, I’m willing to re-tag all my files (can be easily automated using a good tagger like Mp3tag) and change other things that use the value.

2. As opposed to the above, SAM Reporter apparently DOES NOT use the regional settings where it would make LOTS of sense: in generating .CSV files for Excel reports!

On German systems, for instance, the »list separator character« is usually a semicolon »;« and NOT the comma »,«, so all CSV reports won’t be read by Excel without either changing regional settings and messing other things up by this – or converting the file before it can be used. Not too usable.

So I’d opt for changing SAM Reporter so that it WILL use the current locale’s setting for the »list separator character«.

(All above verified on SAM 4.2.2 using both a German Win/XP and a U.S. Win/XP.)

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