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PostPosted: May 16th, 2019, 12:40 pm 
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I've been using SAM for over a decade and need some help.

We have a SAM directory based clockwheel that is about four hours long. It plays to its entirety and repeats approximately six times a day. regardless of time. We have some tracks in subdirectories of the main clockwheel directory that we'd like to play at specific dayparts (morning, lunch, evening) throughout each day.

Below are some ideas of how to achieve this. Let me know which are possible.


We tried using the "Event Scheduler" to load a new clockwheel at a specific time of day. This would load, however, the clockwheel starts over at the beginning at the specified time. This gets the default 4-hour clockwheel categories out-of-order.

We'd prefer that the new clockwheel would be loaded and continue playing tracks at the next line. So if the default clockwheel's last added song is at line 22, then the event scheduler's new playlist would continue at line 23 (not line 1). When a new clockwheel is manually loaded within the category rotation logic configuration that is the way it works (beginning with the next line in the clockwheel instead of starting at the beginning).

I saw in the SAM documentation that there's a no stop command for clockwheels which may or may not help in this situation. If there's a way to set a clockwheel not to stop until it finishes, then maybe the Event Scheduler could start playing the new clockwheel at the end of the current one. If this will help, what exactly is this command and how should it be used?


In this post, ElevatorBoy mentioned that you can run a PAL script that will look for a particular item in the "playlist" and cause some action that will change what's happening.


If there's a way to run a PAL script that will replace a clockwheel directory path with a new one then that may work.

For example, the PAL Script will replace all instances of:
Dir ('C\Music\Category\')
Dir ('C\Music\Category\Evening')

Is this possible? Different PAL scripts could run at specified times updating the default clochwheel categories as specified.


The ideal scenario would be adding something to the clockwheel that would work like this to pull a song from a category.

Instead of just this:

Dir ('C\Music\Category\).Rescan
Dir ('C\Music\Category\).QueueBottom(smLRP, EnforceRules);

It would work something like this:

Dir ('C\Music\Category\Morning\).Rescan
Dir ('C\Music\Category\Morning\).QueueBottom(smLRP, EnforceRules);
Dir ('C\Music\Category\Lunch).Rescan
Dir ('C\Music\Category\Lunch).QueueBottom(smLRP, EnforceRules);
Dir ('C\Music\Category\Evening\).Rescan
Dir ('C\Music\Category\Evening\).QueueBottom(smLRP, EnforceRules);
IF ELSE (for when a track isn't selected above) THEN PLAY
Dir ('C\Music\Category\).Rescan
Dir ('C\Music\Category\).QueueBottom(smLRP, EnforceRules);

Is this one possible?

If none of these are doable, then we'll probably create one big 24+ hour clockwheel and have it reload in the middle of the night each day at a specific time. That way we can have the dayparted songs play as close as possible to their needed time while maintaining the overall four-hour default clockwheel.

Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise and advice on the best way to address this situation.

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PostPosted: May 16th, 2019, 4:11 pm 
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SVS Member

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That sounds like your clockwheel and repeat rules are bad for the SAM just-in-time-scheduling concept.
If your clockwheel would repeat some songs and leave others unplayed if started twice for some time period instead of running once for twice the amount of time, your repeat and selection rules are wrong. Redo your script and adjust the rules so that SAM will not repeat stuff.

You could put all the tracks from your subfolder into one category and make SAM pick from that category in smLRP mode. That way you could avoid repetitions naturally without even enforcing the repeat rules.
Same is true for any other selection method if paired with correct categorization.

Regarding your stop button idea:
If your clockwheel can be split in half by stopping and resuming it at a certain line, you could just as well create two clockwheels and play each of them at one half.

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