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"Listen Link"

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The listen link is a regular HTML Anchored link.
Just like to a page instead of a page it points to the streaming server. <a href="mypage2.html">Page 2</a>
listen link
<a href="">Listen to ShoutcastStream</a>
<a href="mms://wm10.spaclnet.com/pulish123">Listen to Windows Media Stream</a>

You can also create a listen link so if the ip changes you only have to make the chnage in the ASX file or th listen.pls file
The listen.pls file can be stored on you website and then point the link to the listen.pls which can have a different time.
This is good practice if you are listen on I-Tunes.
Then you submit the link to your listen.pls file and the change of ip is there and itunes doesn't need to change anything.
an example pls file


That is a plain text file.

You do want to put your server url/ip and port Save in a text file with the .pls extension
You can use notepad or any text editor that doesn't add formatting.
Lets say you named it listen128.pls
Upload to your website and then the listen link would be
<a href="www.yourwebsite.url/listen128.pls">Listen to ShoutcastStream</a>

For windows Media there is a similar type file you put on your web site and link to it. the .asx file

Example .asx file

 <COPYRIGHT>© Stream 7 2009</COPYRIGHT>
   <TITLE>elbertdee Live</TITLE>
   <REF HREF="mms://wm20.spacialnet.com/elbertdee112233" />

Make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces in the .asx file
You can name it anything just make sure it has the .asx extension
You can use notepad or any text editor that doesn't add formatting.

Lets say you name it wma32.asx Save the file and upload it to your website
You listen link would be

<a href="www.yourweb.url/wma32.asx">Listen to 32k WMA</a>
Be sure to put your server nfo in the asx not mine.

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