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If you have ever started SAM it it wants to Active ,you Click OK and it gives you an error and will not activate. Well here is some help with what is going on and how to avoid it.

SAM Activates when installed. It calls home as says ok, this SAM has been installed on Hardware ID xxxxx It keeps track of the number of Installs and the hardware id it was installed on.

This is done to protected the licensee's Registration code and to help prevent Piracy. It can be a pain if you have reached maximum Activations and the hard drive crashes. Other wise do the Deactivate and then you will be fine.

If you need to install SAM or reinstall and you have already install the Maximum Activations allowed you will need to deactivate one copy before you can install and activate again.
Click Deactivate and one will be freed up. This way when you install on a different machine or on the same, you will be able to Activate over the internet without having to call Support or submitting a Support ticket.


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