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Adding a SHOUTcast Encoder

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SHOUTcast streaming is one of the favorites for broadcasting for many years is easy to implement in all of our broadcasting solutions including SAM Broadcaster, SimpleCast, SOS and our Winamp DSP Encoder plugin.

The good news on using SHOUTcast is that the MP3 (Normal) format is cross-platform and can be heard in Linux, Mac and PC. The downside is that each of these systems needs to install a program or configure their program to play a MP3 (Normal) formatted stream.

How To Set Up a SHOUTcast Encoder

  • Go to the Encoders window in your product
  • In the Encoders window click on the '[+]' button
  • Choose the Encoder you wish and click 'OK'.
    • Note: SHOUTcast currently supports MP3 (Normal), AAC (including aacPlus) and mp3PRO streaming.

On the Converter tab:

  • Set Quality to 'Medium'
  • Under Format select the bitrate that matches what you purchased at your stream hosting.
    • Note: If you purchased at SpacialNet, see the My Services section for the bitrate.
  • Check 'Auto Start encoder after 5 seconds' you wish your stream to auto start.
  • Be sure that 'Allow scripts in stream' is unchecked.

Server Details tab:

  • Server type is SHOUTcast
  • Server Details:
    • Enter Stream Host in Server IP field
    • Enter Stream Port in Server Port field
    • Enter Stream Password in Password field

Station Details area:

  • Type in your Station Name
  • Select the genre from the dropdown box or type in your own
    • Note: You may type in more than one genre comma separated.
  • Type in your Website URL
  • Enter Your AIM ID (Optional)
  • Enter Your ICQ # (Optional)
  • Enter Your IRC Channel (Optional)
  • Check 'List on public station listing (recommended)'
  • Check 'Enable title streaming' and be sure that $combine$ is in the field below 'Enable title streaming' to display titles.
  • Click 'OK '

Your encoder should now say 'Encoded (#), streamed (#)' if you selected it to auto start, otherwise right-click and select Start. If it is not encoding then recheck your details by right-clicking on your encoder and selecting Config.

Next Step: Configure your Statistic Relays.

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