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AudioRealm FAQ

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How do I get my station to show up on AudioRealm.com?

First you need the right software. Check out SpacialAudio for software options.

We highly recommend SAM Broadcaster, SOS and EasyCast.

Once you have the right software, follow these steps:

I followed the steps but I still do not see my station?

Things to check:

  • Under your software go to:
    Config->Member details
    Make sure you entered the correct SpacialNet Username and Password.
    Config->Station details
    Make sure "Show station details on AudioRealm.com checked?
  • Edit each statistic relay.
    Make sure "Private statistic relay" is unchecked!
  • At least one relay must be active. Thus check that the status column on the Statistic Relays window shows "Active (OK)" for at least one relay.
  • The order of stations is not always by listener count - so rather search for your station on AudioRealm to find it.

I can see my station, but there is no listen link?

You have to give AudioRealm permission to allow direct play of your station.

You can do this by:

  1. Log into SpacialNet.com
  2. Go to the "My stations" page.
  3. Now click on the "Listen Link Method" for each station to set the station listen link permissions.

Why are stations with fewer listeners than me ranked above my station?

AudioRealm does not purely base the order of stations on the number of connected listeners. We are working on new sorting algorithms that use a combination of the following data:

  • Prefers stations that allow a direct tune-in via AudioRealm
  • Prefers stations that have uploaded the 120x60 logo
  • The number of visitors that have added your station as a preset or favorite station, with bonus points for visitors that set your station as their auto-tune station.
  • We also rank stations based on the visitors capability. If a visitor does not have the right plugins installed to play a station the station might be ranked lower.

We are constantly working on improving our ranking strategy so the exact working of the algorithm will change quite a bit over the next couple of months.

What do I need to do to get my station listed as a Featured or Spotlight station?

  1. Make sure you are listing on AudioRealm.com
  2. Make sure you uploaded a 120x60 station logo image

Your station will then be automatically be chosen by our system on a random basis for the Spotlight or Featured station.

I'm stuck. Where do I get help?


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