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Decks A & B are the main audio player decks in SAM Broadcaster and SAM Party DJ. Having more than one player allows for many advanced functions (such as crossfading and cueing up the next song). Aux Decks 1 & 2 are similar but with a few exceptions, seen below.

Player Display

Deck Windows seen in SAM
Deck Windows seen in SAM
  1. Song Information: Artist/Title information.
  2. Album cover display: Clicking on the Album cover will bring up the Song information editor.
  3. Cur: Displays the current playing time of the song.
  4. Tot: Displays the total duration of the song.
  5. Rem: Displays the remaining playing time of the song.
  6. Intro/Outro: the time remaining till the vocals of the song starts, or the time left till the vocals end and the DJ can start talking again. (Specified in Song information editor )
  7. kbps: Displays how many kilobits per second the encoded song is. (Note 1byte = 8bits)
  8. kHz: Displays the sampling rate of the song.
  9. Stereo / Mono displays how many channels the audio contains.
  10. BPM: Indicated the Beats-per-minute of the song. (Specified in Song information editor )
  11. Control slider: That controls the Volume, Pitch and Tempo.
    • Select which one to control by clicking on the [V], [P] and [T] buttons.
  12. When the [Air] button is down, the audio will be heard over the main output device.
  13. When the [Cue] button is down, the audio will be heard over the cue output device, if enabled.
  14. VU Meter shows the current peak levels of the audio.
  15. Play/Pause button
  16. Stop button
  17. Next button
  18. Cue points ([CP])
  19. Eject button
  20. Fade out button
  21. EQ button (Brings up Audio settings dialog)
  22. Beat match button ([=])
  23. Track position slider

Aux Controls

The Aux decks are similar to Deck A & B with exception:

A few buttons are missing (Beat match [=], Next[>|])

An Extra button: [Loop]: the loop function will repeat the track when it reaches its end. This is great for playing a music bed while you talk over the Voice FX.

Note: Tracks played in the Aux players will not be logged in the history window.

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