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Event Log

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The Event log displays the last 200 important events that occured inside the softwre. Check the event log occasionally for errors, warnings and exception errors (they should stand out since they are color coded). When something unexpected happens inside the software, check the event log to see if it was caused by some kind of error. The event log window is found in SAM Broadcaster, SAM Party DJ and SOS.

Event Log Display

Event Log Window seen in SAM Broadcaster
Event Log Window seen in SAM Broadcaster
  1. Time event occured.
  2. Category will display the location or module the event occured in.
  3. Type is the event class, i.e.:
    • Notice: General information
    • Warning: A non fatal error
    • Error: An error occured.
    • Exception: A serious error occured. Exception errors should always be reported to the SAM3 bug reporting system.
  4. The Message will give you more detailed information about the event.

Note: The event log is also logged to file. If your software happens to crash or if you want to review the events at a later stage you can use the EventLog.log log file located in the software's directory and view the events.

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