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Listing on Audiorealm

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Getting Listed On AudioRealm

Listing on AudioRealm.com has many advantages like providing extra exposure to your station and making is easier for you to design a player for your station with our Player SDK. This guide will help you set up your encoding software to list your station on AudioRealm.com


UPDATE - See the video guide!

Listing on AudioRealm Video

Step1: Get a FREE SpacialNet account

Visit SpacialNet.com and sign up for a free broadcaster account.

Once signed up, log into SpacialNet.

Step2: Create a station on SpacialNet

Within your SpacialNet account area, click on "My stations", then click on "Add Station".

Now type in a short name for your station. (You will be able to type in a longer name later)

Next decide how people will listen to your station on AudioRealm. We highly recommend the "Use AudioRealm embedded player" method.

Click on "Accept" to save your station settings.

Step3: Upload a station logo (Optional)

You can optionally upload a station logo for your station which must be 120x60 pixels.

Under Station Administration > Personalize, click on the "Station Logo" link and follow the instructions to upload your logo.

Step4: Set up your software

To list on AudioRealm you need to use compatible software. Visit SpacialAudio.com for a list of streaming products. We highly recommend SAM Broadcaster or SOS.

Software Configuration

In the software, locate and click on the "Config" button.

Navigate to the "Member details" configuration screen and enter your SpacialNet username and password.

Next navigate to the "Station details" configuration screen. Click on the "Short name" dropdown and select the station you created in Step 2. Now complete the rest of the station information fields.

Next navigate to the "Statistic relays" page. Set up statistic relays to point to your streaming servers. Your station can not be listed on AudioRealm before you have at least one statistic relay listed and the relay is active.

Finally, click on "OK" to store your settings.

Step5: Verify

Visit AudioRealm.com and search for your station. If you followed all of the steps correctly your station should be in the list.

Note1: You may need to wait for the next song to change in your software or as much as 5 minutes before your station will be listed on AudioRealm for the first time.

Note2: If you are using SAM Broadcaster, keep an eye on the event log. It will show "Touch OK" if the AudioRealm listing was successful. On failure you should be able to see a message that will help you troubleshoot the problem.

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