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PAL: Marking items in category as overlay=yes

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I need to tag content as overlay=yes for 1-to-1 targeting. Doing this manually is too much work. How can I automate this process?


The PAL script below will look for all the files in a particular category and then adjust their settings directly with a database SQL query. The script will run once an hour (at 7 minutes past the hour).

Thus, all you need to do is drag all the content you need tagged into this category and every hour their settings will be adjusted.

// Custom settings - Please change these as required
const categoryName = 'TargetFiller';
// IMPORTANT: You must manually create the above category under the "Tracks" category
// Then you must drag all items you wish to use as targeting filler into this
// category.

var categoryID : Integer = 0;
var Q : TDataSet;
var changed : Integer = 0;

//Retrieve categoryID of the named category
Q := Query('SELECT ID FROM category WHERE name = :name',[categoryName], true);
if Q.BOF and Q.EOF then
  WriteLn('Category not found: '+categoryName);
  WriteLn('Please make sure you create this category');
  categoryID := Q['ID'];
  WriteLn('Category ID found: '+ IntToStr(categoryID));
  WriteLn('Updating all items in category...');

//Update all files in category
if (categoryID>0) then
  changed :=
    ExecSQL('UPDATE songlist SET xfade=:xfade, overlay=:overlay '+
            ' WHERE ID IN (SELECT songID FROM categorylist WHERE categoryID = :categoryID)',['&c=1&ge=0','yes',categoryID]);
  WriteLn(IntToStr(changed)+' Items updated');

//Run this process once an hour, at 7min after the hour
PAL.Loop := true;


  • Open up SAM Broadcaster
  • In the Category tree under Playlist, create a new category called TargetFiller.
  • Now copy & paste the PAL script below into a text file called OverlayCategory.pal and load it into SAM Broadcaster as a PAL script.
    Make sure to set it to auto-start when SAM loads so you do not have to manually start it every time.
  • Drag any tracks you need tagged to the TargetFiller category.
  • Run the PAL script.
  • Once it has completed one run, it will wait an hour before running again. (You can of course adjust this if needed)
  • All content in the TargetFiller category will now have their overlay setting set to yes.

Tip: Use this PAL script in combination with the General Overlay rotation PAL script.

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