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Player SDK Vista gadget

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Vista Sidebar Gadget - How to redistribute the default gadget

Welcome to the how-to guide on redistributing the default Vista Sidebar Gadget for Audio Realm.

Please note: This article is under development and is incomplete. This message will be removed as soon as this article is completed.

Step 1: Get listed at AudioRealm

Our Vista Side-bar gadget has been developed to provide radio stations listed on AudioRealm with an additional way of reaching listeners. Thus the very first step is to make sure your station is listed on AudioRealm. See this article for more information. Once you are listed on AudioRealm note down your AudioRealm stationID. (The easiest way to do this is to go to AudioRealm.comand search for your station. Then hover your mouse over the speaker icon(listen link) and look at the status bar of your browser. You will see something like javascript:player(12345,-1). The 12345 part is your stationID. Write it down.)

Step 2: Downloading the arplayer.zip file

Your next step is to download the arplayer.zip file which is basically the gadget's container file: http://s3.amazonaws.com/media.streamads.com/playersdk/v2/widgets/gadgets/vista/arplayer.zip

Step 3: Editing Settings.ini

To setup the gadget so that it is tuned in to your Audio Realm station you will have to edit the Settings.ini file. Extract all of the files in arplayer.zip. NB! Do not delete arplayer.zip after you've extracted the folders and files it contains. You will need it again later. Open Settings.ini using any Text Editor (Notepad will work fine). All you need to do is to change the stationID to your station's ID (the ID that you wrote down in Step 1):

Automatically generated by SettingsManager - the ini file manager for Vista gadgets
By Speednet - see http://gadgets.speednet.biz/ for more information.
07 November 2008 02
51:07 PM

[stationID] ID="61540" <---------- Edit this!

Step 4: Saving your arplayer.gadget file

The gadget "package" or "installation" file that you will use to redistribute your gadget to users is basically the arplayer.zip file that has been renamed to arplayer.gadget (The .gadget extension indicates to Windows Vista that it is an installable gadget package).

Save your edited Settings.ini file and copy it back to the arplayer.zip file that you downloaded in Step 2. If asked if you want to overwrite the existing Settings.ini in arplayer.zip, confirm the overwrite. Now all that's left for you to do is to rename arplayer.zip to arplayer.gadget and you've got your gadget's installation file that you can redistribute to your listeners!

Step 5: Setting up download link for your arplayer.gadget file

All that is left for you to do is to create a download link on your website that points to the arplayer.gadget package that you've created in the previous steps so that your listeners can download your Windows Vista Audio Relam Player. Alternatively if you've got a FTP-Server you can upload your arplayer.gadget to the server and have your listeners download it from there.

To install the gadget all they need to do is double click on the arplayer.gadget package and click on install and your gadget will be installed to their Sidebar.

Important Note: Updates to the gadget

To be completed...

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