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RevGen allows you to source advertisement campaigns from third-party advertisement providers. These RevGen providers make campaigns available to all the stations that are assigned to them, and that match the targeting requirements of the specific campaign. A station can be assigned to a provider in two ways:

  1. Auto Approval Mode: All campaigns scheduled by the RevGen provider will be automatically approved for your station if it matches the targeting requirements of the campaign. You may still manually reject or accept an advertisement campaign that was automatically approved.
  2. Manual Approval Mode: You have to manually approve or reject advertisement campaigns that match the targeting requirements of your station.
NOTE: Contact your StreamAds agent to have your station assigned to RevGen providers in one of the above mentioned modes.

Your interaction with RevGen will happen primarily through the RevGen Campaign List which can be reached via a link in the Advertisements section of the StreamAds menu.

Accepting and Rejecting RevGen Campaigns

RevGen Campaign List
RevGen Campaign List

On the RevGen Campaign List you can approve and reject advertisements for your stations.

  1. Filters: You can filter the results by providing a search term, specifying a campaign status, approval status or cost type. Please note that by default the approval status filter is set to only show campaigns which have neither been accepted or rejected yet for at least one station.
  2. Approve all: By clicking on the All link in the Approve column, you will approve the campaign in question for all your stations.
  3. Approve none: By clicking on the None link in the Approve column, you will reject the campaign in question for all your stations.
  4. Station Selection
    Station Selection
    Selective approval: By clicking on the Select link in the Approve column, you will be given the option to accept the campaign in question for some of your stations, but reject it for others. This is done by ticking the stations you wish to approve in the Station Selection popup window, while leaving the stations for which you want to reject the advertisement campaign unchecked. Click on the Save button once you're done selecting to commit the approvals and rejections.

Previewing RevGen Campaigns

On the RevGen Campaign List you can preview an advertisement campaign before deciding whether you want to approve or reject it for your stations. This is done by clicking on the Preview link in the Action column. Basic information about the advertisement campaign, as well as a list of advertisements will be shown in the RevGen Campaign Preview popup window. You can preview a specific advertisement by clicking on the show link in the Preview column. From this popup window you can also accept or reject the campaign for all your stations by clicking the Accept or Reject buttons.

RevGen Campaign Preview
RevGen Campaign Preview
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