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SAM Changelog

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Please visit http://www.spacialaudio.com/?page=sam-broadcaster-download for the current downloads of SAM Brodcaster.

Change History Log

-v4.7.3 (22 September 2010)
* SHOUTcast relay now properly detects AAC in all cases.
* ICEcast relay improved to detect Targeted Ad-Injector version, listen url and ListenerTracker status flag.
* Wowza v2 stats support added.
* Use local user directories on XP as well to allow for standard user installations.
* FMCard support. See FMCard Wiki Documentation.
* Fixed "stuck track slider" bug.
* Removed MP3 (Normal) and MP3 (ACM) encoders. If you want them back, run SAM with the /LEGACYENC parameter string.
* Added "Restore Defaults" to several configuration screens.
* Fixed UK PPL report for non-MySQL users.
* Improved mono downmix to avoid excessive clipping.
* Fixed NULL "timematrix" for StreamAds when using Traffic Log rotation.
* Fixed deadlock on stopping encoders while streaming is paused due to network issues.
* Fix SAMReporter to work for multiple installations of SAMBC on same server.
* Fixed bug where ID3v2.3 pictures did not properly load in certain cases when using UNICODE tags.

-v4.7.1 (20 April 2010)
* Full release build.

-v4.7.0B4 (13 April 2010)
* Huge update of SAM Broadcaster to allow for better Vista/Win7 UAC compatibility.
* Big rewrite of installer.
* Setup now happens the first time you run SAM Broadcaster.
* Allow for embedded FireBird for simpler install process. Will however automatically detect if FireBird server is available during setup.
* /SHUTDOWN and /UNINSTALL can now happen at the same time.
* Jump to Program or Data paths - from either "SAM->Tools->Jump" menu or from Windows "Start->Program files->SAM Broadcaster->Help" menu.
* Fixed display issues with Event scheduler and Win7.
* Shipped some new default PAL scripts with installer.
* We no longer ship versions with PostgreSQL or MS SQL included in the installer. You need to make sure these database systems are already installed before you install SAM Broadcaster. FireBird installer still included though.

-v4.6.4 (25 February 2010)
* Fixed FireBird install issues on XP.
* Installer now asks if this is a Trial install for first-time installers.
* Fixed Top Spins report to also work in Firebird and other databases.
* Fixed tag loader for WAV tags. Non-Goldwave tags failed to load in certain cases. Turns out initial fix in v4.6.3 did not work.
* Stats relays graph legend maxed out at 9999 - fixed to handle larger numbers.

-v4.5.6 (3 August 2009)
* Release build.

-v4.5.6 [WM-ROBUST-RC4] (17 July 2009)
* Added support for TMStudios GoldWave tags. Visit the TMStudios website for more information.
* Updated Amazon Album information lookup to sign requests as required from 15 August 2009.
* Changed MySQL FLOAT fields to DOUBLE to avoid rounding/precision problems with item ordering fields.

-v4.5.5 [WM-ROBUST-RC3] (27 May 2009)
* Increased the RemoteEncoders process priority.
* Decreased default Pre-Trigger time to 300ms.

-v4.5.4 [WM-ROBUST-RC2] (22 May 2009)
* Added PreFireTime to encoders to assist with cleaner 1-to-1 targeting.

-v4.5.3 [WM-ROBUST-RC1] (11 May 2009)
* Fixed bug with SoundExchange report when using FireBird database.
* Added CSV export of SoundExchange report.
* Updated StreamAds logic to skip "Phase1" selection to allow for better distribution of shorter ads.
* Increased default separation times for StreamAds Logic.
* Added support for "Pre-Event" scripting in Windows Media Encoder. (NOTE: Value added feature for StreamAds clients. See new EULA.)
* Installer will now close a running instance of SAM Broadcaster before attempting to do the installation.
* Added PID cleanup for Robust encoders on SAM startup procedure.
* Disabled launch of installer from Vista to avoid issues with elevated Admin level access.

-v4.4.8 [WM-ROBUST-BETA9] (1 April 2009)
* Added Wowza stats relay support.
* Added URL Append Template for Shoutcast/Icecast streaming.
* Fixed bug where encoders did not wait full duration before trying to reconnect.

-v4.4.7 [WM-ROBUST-BETA8] (17 December 2008)
* Added Top Spins report to SAMReporter.

-v4.4.6 [WM-ROBUST-BETA8] (13 November 2008)
* Added LAME MP3 encoder. Recommended for use in multi-core machines.

-v4.4.4 [WM-ROBUST-BETA7] (12 September 2008)
* Improved instance ID calculation on product activation. (Might require you to re-activate product.)

-v4.4.2 [WM-ROBUST-BETA5] (1 July 2008)
* Added "ROBUST" WM9 experimental encoder.
* Better title streaming support for IceCast - you can now set a custom "title streaming" template.

-v4.3.6 (16 April 2008)
* Fixed Amazon album/song information lookups to use latest improved Amazon API.
* Fixed "frozen" Ogg decoder bug, which was introduced in v4.3.0
* DSP plugin bug fixed.

-v4.3.4 (25 February 2008)
* Fixed vulnerability in samPHPweb template (http://support.spacialaudio.com/wiki/SamPHPweb_Vulnerability_fix)
* Fixed bug in SAM Reporter - date range was incorrectly applied to Requests report.
* Added log buffer timeout that forces an event log write of buffer regularly.
* Updated StreamAds to handle changes in advertisement details better.
* New shortcut keys:
   [SHIFT] + [F1] - Fade to play (Or hold down [SHIFT] while clicking on global play button)
   [SHIFT] + [F2] - Fade to pause (Or hold down [SHIFT] while clicking on global pause/stop button)
   [CTRL] + [1] - DJ mode: Auto
   [CTRL] + [2] - DJ mode: Queue
   [CTRL] + [3] - DJ mode: Manual

-v4.3.2 (10 December 2007)
* DSP plugins now automatatically load on startup.
* Better Vista support for FireBird.
* Improved MySQL detection routines in installer.
* Updated FireBird embedded database driver.
* Activation now required for registration keys.
* Various small bug fixes.

-v4.3.0 (3 September 2007)
* Added more reports for UK reporting requirements (PPL).
* Updated request.js to handle AudioRealm cluster proxy IP problem better.
* Added AudioRealm request IP address to request handler (for new installs only).
* Fixed issue where songs got frozen when network drives become unavailable.

-v4.2.5 (15 February 2007)
* Fixed bug in StreamAds when using FireBird database (Paramaters did not have unique names).
* Fixed potential deadlock situation when player pushes new format to audio filters.

-v4.2.4 (3 February 2007)
* Removed TimeShift in StreamAds.
* Improvements to Abacast relay. Fixed AudioRealm touch as well with Abacast relays.

-v4.2.3 (1 January 2007)
* Fixed audio-pipeline config - DeckB was pointing to wrong location on AGC button.

-v4.2.2 (14 December 2006)
* Added StreamAds support.
* Full support for MySQLv4.1 and MySQLv5.x
* Added missing .aac extention to Encoder Archive dropdown.
* Fixed #basename#, #filepath# and various other parameters in HTTP HTML output.
* Fixed Soundcard AGC support.
* Updated SAM Reporter (Now uses PHP5 for MySQLv5 support)
* Updated SAM Installer
   - fixed some issues with MS SQL database installer
   - improved MySQL installation detection routines
   - fixed issues if user changed database type during middle of install
* New PAL commands
   StreamAds['Providers (All)'].QueueBottom(30);
   StreamAds['Provider C'].QueueBottom(60);

-v4.1.1 [BETA] (4 September 2006)
* Voice tracking
* Quicker large playlist import support.
* Added Windows Media Playlist (*.wpl) import support.
* Limited queue search for rotation rules to the first 50 items. Large queues caused very large SQL queries, resulting in errors.
* Added support for Orban Optimod-PC 1100 hardware audio processing. This process could also be used with other soundcards like the EMU range of soundcards.
* More improvements to /SERVICE switch - SAM now properly handles log-off actions.
* Fixed IceCast server support for aacPlus encoder.
* Added support for export to CSV (Comma Delimited) format for both the Queue and any Category.
* New PAL commands

-v4.0.2 [BETA] (27 May 2006)
* Removed BETA auto-expire. If you own a valid key the application will no longer expire.
* Due to the inferior quality of the mp3PRO encoder producing plain MP3, this option has been disabled. Use the MP3 (Normal) plugin instead. 
Current users will be able to keep their old configuration, but will not be able to make any changes. We highly recommend reconfigurating 
using the MP3 (Normal) encoder. Use the mp3PRO encoder ONLY for producing mp3PRO streams.
* Updated text and links to properly reflect the new SpacialNet website.
* Slightly improved Station details configuration screen.
* Slightly improved MPM statistic relay configuration screen.
* MP3 (Normal) encoder default format changed to 64kbps, 22.1kHz, Stereo.
* Added ability to add complete category to queue from PAL script or Event Scheduler.
* Startup command line options.
   /NOSPLASH    (Do not load splash screen on SAM startup.)
   /SERVICE    (SAM is running as a service. Do not quit when logging out.)
   /NOLOG    (Do not log notices, warnings and errors to the event log file.)
   /SHUTDOWN    (Closes running instance of SAM.)
Example usage: SAMBC.exe /NOSPLASH /SERVICE

-v4.0.1 [BETA] (14 April 2006)
* Added aacPlusv2 encoder
* Updated samPHPweb with the latest version containing some security improvements.
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