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The PAL IDE is an intergrated development environment which you can use to develop your own custom PAL scripts for SAM Broadcaster.

The IDE supports:

  • Syntax highlighting to make scripts more readable
  • Integrated debugging
  • Compiler messages window
  • Output window
  • Shows current line being executed

More help on PAL scripting can be found in the section for PAL (Playlist Automation Language).

Menu commands

SAM Broadcaster's PAL IDE Window
SAM Broadcaster's PAL IDE Window
  1. File:
    • Open loads a new PAL script. (This does NOT change the filename of the PAL script as specified in the PAL script options dialog.)
    • Save will save the changes to the current script to file.
      • Note: Save as will save the script to another filename. This does NOT change the filename of the PAL script as specified in the PAL script options dialog.
  2. Edit:
    • This menu contains the standard text operations like cut, paste, search and replace.
  3. Run:
    • Run will compile the script and start executing the script.
    • Run Line-by-line will only execute one command at a time. Press [F8] to execute the next command.
    • Compile will only compile the script checking it for syntax errors.
    • Pause will pause execution.
    • Reset will immediately stop execution of the script.
  4. View:
    • View compiler messages will show the compiler messages window. Any errors or problems the compiler finds will be reported inside this window.
    • View output shows the output window. This is the window to which run-time information and errors will be reported. This includes all script output (WriteLn output).
    • If Show execution line is enabled the PAL script IDE will show the current command being executed. This is an enormous help in debugging scripts.
  5. Help:
    • PAL reference guide will show the PAL scripting reference guide.
      • Note: Press [F1] while working in the editor. The help will try and open at the keyword currently located at the cursor.

Shortcut Keys

[F1]: Load PAL reference guide
[Ctrl] + [O]: Open new PAL script
[Ctrl] + [S]: Save current PAL script
[F9]: Run
[F8]: Run line-by-line
[Ctrl] + [F9]: Compile
[Ctrl] + [F2]: Program reset

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