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SAM Shortcut Keys

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SAM Broadcaster has an array of shortcut keys to make your job easier when DJing. There are even appliances you can get so you don't even need to touch your keyboard, see the below article "Programmable Keypads, Joysticks and Emulators" for more details.

Global Shortcut Keys

These shortcuts work anywhere within SAM Broadcaster.

  • [Ctrl] + [H]: Hide SAM
  • [F1]: Start playback (Hold down [Shift] to fade in the stopped song - New to SAM Broadcaster 4.3.4)
  • [F2]: Pause playback (Hold down [Shift] to do a fadeout pause - New to SAM Broadcaster 4.3.4)
  • [F3]: Stop playback
  • [F4]: Skip to next track (Hold down [Shift] to do a fadeout)
  • [F5]: View desktop A
  • [F6]: View desktop B
  • [F7]: View desktop C
  • [F11]: Press to talk (Voice FX)
  • [F12]: Mute studio
  • [Shift] + [F11]: Locks VoiceFX for talking. Pressing [F11] or [Shift] + [F11] again causes the VoiceFX to be unlocked.
  • [Ctrl] + [B]: Back up the song database
  • [CTRL] + [1]: DJ mode: Auto (New to SAM Broadcaster 4.3.4)
  • [CTRL] + [2]: DJ mode: Queue (New to SAM Broadcaster 4.3.4)
  • [CTRL] + [3]: DJ mode: Manual (New to SAM Broadcaster 4.3.4)

Window-Specific Keys

These shortcuts only work when you're clicking inside of that window at that time.

Deck Window

  • [Shift] + Play: Fade To Play
  • [Shift] + Pause: Fade To Stop
  • [Shift] + Stop: Fade To Stop
  • [Shift] + Next: Fade To Next

Playlist Window

  • [Ins]: Add a new category
  • [Del]: Delete selected category
  • [Ctrl] + [F]: Open Song search dialog
  • Begin typing: Open Song search dialog
  • [F10]: Refresh information

Tracks in Selected Categories Window

  • [Enter]: Add selected songs to bottom of queue list
  • [Ctrl] + [Enter]: Add selected songs to top of queue list
  • [Ctrl] + [O]: Add files
  • [Ctrl] + [D]: Add directory
  • [Ctrl] + [U]: Add URL
  • [Ctrl] + [L]: Add Playlist
  • [Del] :Remove selected song(s)
  • [Shift] + [Del]: Crop
  • [Ctrl] + [Del]: Clear category
  • [Ctrl] + [F]: Song search dialog
  • Begin Typing: Song search dialog
  • [Ctrl] + [R]: Shuffle
  • [F10]: Refresh
  • [Ctrl] + [A]: Select all
  • [Ctrl] + [I]: Invert selection
  • [Alt] + [3]: Song information editor

Queue Window

  • [Enter] or Double-click: Play next
  • [Ctrl] + [N]: Choose next
  • [Ctrl] + [O]: Add files
  • [Ctrl] + [D]: Add directory
  • [Ctrl] + [U]: Add URL
  • [Ctrl] + [L]: Add Playlist
  • [Ctrl] + [M]: mic:// configuration dialog
  • [Del]: Remove selected song(s)
  • [Shift] + [Del]: Crop
  • [Ctrl] + [Del]: Clear Queue
  • [Ctrl] + [S]: Save queue to file
  • [Ctrl] + [F]: Song search
  • Begin Typing: Song search
  • [Ctrl] + [R]: Shuffle
  • [F10]: Refresh
  • [Ctrl] + [A]: Select all
  • [Ctrl] + [I]: Invert selection
  • [Alt] + [3]: Song information editor
  • [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Del]: Remove a song completely from the database

History Window

  • [Enter]: Add selected song(s) to bottom of queue
  • [Ctrl] + [Enter]: Add selected song(s) to top of queue
  • [Ctrl] + [F]: Open Song search dialog
  • Begin typing: Open Song search dialog
  • [Alt] + [3]: Open Song information dialog
  • [F10]: Refresh list of songs

Request Window

  • [Enter]: Add selected request(s) to bottom of queue
  • [Ctrl] + [Enter]: Add selected request(s) to top of queue
  • [Del]: Ignore (remove) selected request(s)
  • [Ctrl] + [Del]: Ignore all requests (Clear)
  • [F10]: Refresh information
  • [Alt] + [3]: Song information editor

Voice FX Window

  • [Shift] + [F11]: Locks the Voice FX down for talking. Pressing [F11] (with or without [shift]) will unlock Voice FX again.
  • [F11]: Press to talk button. Turns on Mic power if needed

PAL IDE Window

  • [F1]: Load PAL reference guide
  • [Ctrl] + [O]: Open new PAL script
  • [Ctrl] + [S]: Save current PAL script
  • [F9]: Run
  • [F8]: Run line-by-line
  • [Ctrl] + [F9]: Compile
  • [Ctrl] + [F2]: Program reset

Programmable Keypads, Joysticks and Emulators

A Saitek Joypad and a Programmable Keypad from X-Keys
A Saitek Joypad and a Programmable Keypad from X-Keys

There are ways for you to DJ without having to touch that keyboard, which saves time when you're live mixing a show. Of course there are a few methods on how you could achieve keyboard freedom. We will discuss those below.

SAM Broadcaster X-Keys Template
SAM Broadcaster X-Keys Template

Programmable Keypads

There are a few companies out there that do programmable keypads, but I recommend sticking to X-Keys when at all possible, especially the USB versions. They are easily customizable and can do a great deal for you. They aren't just 1 keystroke per key, you can do a series of keystrokes with a single key push. They have keypad options from 16 keys to 128 keys and even kits you can make your own boards with.

Already have an X-Keys and need a template for the keys? Use the one that is to the left of this article. Print it out at 300 DPI and it'll work great for your needs.

Joysticks and Emulators

Don't have a lot of money but want to be able to map keys? Just pick up a cheap joystick that you don't use anymore or visit Geeks.com for some unbeatable prices. Once you have a joystick or joypad of your choice then you will need a freeware program called Joy2Key which is a keyboard emulator. The instructions on the webpage for Joy2Key will help you set it up with the shortcut keys.

The only thing you will need to make sure is that you are actually in the SAM window when using your shortcuts! :) Instant keyboard separation.

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