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SOS Appendix A

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Trouble starting SOS

  1. If you get the error Unable to create record handle (Error #6)
    This error means SOS is unable to capture audio from your soundcard.
    1. Make sure you have selected the correct soundcard for SOS to use in Config->General options
    2. If you logged in using Remote Desktop Connection, make sure you selected the Leave sound at remote computer option.

If spots are not playing or being downloaded

  1. Make sure the system has an internet connection.
  2. Make sure username and password are correct.

WM Encoders fails in PULL mode, but works in PUSH mode

This problem occurs when a Windows Media Player update corrupts the Windows Media Format installation.

The problem relates to a windows bug which has corrupted the cashing setting for windows media. To fix this strange bug delete the corrupted files. (SAM/SOS will regenerate them)

  1. Browse to
    c:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Local Settings\ApplicationData\Microsoft\Windows Media\(your player version directory).
  2. Delete all files found in this folder.
  3. SAM/SOS will create the files.
  4. Problem solved.

Credit goes to Scott Brookshire for solving this one!

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