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SOS Changelog

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Change History Log

[xx Aug 2010] SOS v4.9.0xx [Under development]
* Super-Server mode now assumed, so /FBSS flag no longer required. If you even wanted to force embedded mode use the /EMBEDDED flag.

[26 July 2010] SOS v4.9.0B5
* Fixed NULL "timematrix" bug for SOS when using Traffic Log based rotation.
* Changed "clean.ini" to use different file for clean install detection.

[18 June 2010] SOS v4.9.0B3
* Improved mono downmix to avoid excessive clipping.
* Export monitor data so StreamAds can generate monitor alerts for stations.
* SHOUTcast relay now properly detects AAC in all cases.
* ICEcast relay improved to detect Targeted Ad-Injector version, listen url and ListenerTracker status flag.
* Use local user directories on XP as well to allow for standard user installations.
* Removed MP3 (Normal) and MP3 (ACM) encoders. If you want them back, run SOS with the /LEGACYENC parameter.

[25 May 2010] SOS v4.9.0B2
* Vista / Windows 7 friendly version.
* Still under BETA testing so please send any feedback or problems you might experience.
* Upgraded database to FireBird v2

[4 February 2010] SOS v4.8.9
* Improved support for advanced time targeting and additional StreamAds features.
* New option to export station information directly to Webcast Metrics (Added for future support).
* You can now specify sampling rate for LAME encoder. Also updated LAME driver.

[8 October 2009] SOS v4.8.7 [BETA5]
* Fixed issue where Registration Key did not always persist as expected.
* Blackout triggers now defaults to 'Silence' handler if a handler is not specifically specified.
* Added ability to quickly identify multiple copies of SOS by Taskbar or Trayicon description. Also added viewer count.
* Added better logging information for StreamAds communication.

[9 September 2009] SOS v4.8.6 [BETA4-Update]
* Changed BAT files to use SLEEP command instead of PING to delay execution. PING did not consistently work on all servers.

[28 August 2009] SOS v4.8.6 [BETA4]
* Created Ando Media version of SOS. See above for new available download option.
* Added new Targeted Ad-Injector Encoder with extended metadata support (MP3 encoder).
* Added ability to clear history database by adding parameter: /clearhistory:xx where 'xx' is the number of days to keep.
    Example: SOS.exe /clearhistory:90 
  will remove any records older than 90 days.
* Added ability to clear all advertisement and "Traffic log/Fixed list" records from database so advertisements can refresh completely. 
    Example: SOS.exe /clearads
* Restart FireBird as part of SOS loading procedure.
* SOSChecker will now check that only one instance of SOSChecker can be running at any time.
* SOSChecker message handler fixed - heartbeat checks had overrun error on computers with a long uptime.
* Added check to Encoder socket to detect special "ThreadSock" error state and auto-recover.

[02 June 2009] SOS v4.8.4 [RC1]
* Fixed bug with Blackout End Trigger.
* Added Pre-Event scripting.
* RemoteEncoders.exe priority increased.

[28 April 2009] SOS v4.8.3 [WM-ROBUST-BETA12]
* Added support to end Blackout via Event Adaptors. (See http://support.spacialaudio.com/wiki/SOS_Appendix_C)
* Added Wowza stats relay support.
* Added URL Append Template for Shoutcast/Icecast streaming.
* Fixed bug where encoders did not wait full duration before trying to reconnect.
* Added version of SOS that ships with SAM Reporter in order to generate local reports from the SOS database.

[1 April 2009] SOS v4.8.1 [WM-ROBUST-BETA10]
* Added /hide startup command to start SOS in hidden mode.
* Added ability to disable RAW logging for SERIAL to avoid problems with stations sending LARGE amounts of serial data.

[9 December 2008] SOS v4.8.0 [WM-ROBUST-BETA9]
* Added LAME MP3 encoder.
* Added TCP Client event adaptor (AVAdaptor is thus no longer needed)

[15 July 2008] SOS v4.7.4 (BETA6)
* Changed shutdown procedure slightly - first shutdown Utils, then shut SOS down.

[26 June 2008] SOS v4.7.3 (BETA5)
* Fixed problem with Traffic logs (Fixed lists) where a "Campaign" entry played until it caught up in "playcount" with other items in the list.

[25 June 2008] SOS v4.7.2 (BETA4)
* Robust encoder "Auto-restart" now disabled by default. You should only need to enable this if you encounter "lag" due to soundcard timing issues.
** (You must edit the SOS.xml configuration file directly - search for "DoRestart").
* Added message [ROBUST] at end of format string for robust encoders to identify them easier.
* Better title streaming support for IceCast - you can now set a custom "title streaming" template.
* Updated startup BAT files to latest tested versions.

[1 May 2008] SOS v4.7.1 (BETA3)
* Kill process if graceful shutdown does not succeed (SOS and Remote encoders).
* Changed RunOnce to use PostMessage instead of SendMessage. SendMessage got stuck every now and then.
* SOSChecker now waits for safe_shutdown.bat to finish before calling safe_start.bat
* safe_start.bat and safe_shutdown.bat will now again be overridden during install. sos_utils.bat however will not be.

[30 April 2008] SOS v4.7.0 (BETA2)
* Robust WM encoder.

[16 April 2008] SOS v4.6.8
* Changed installer slightly to allow installation of "SOS-Autostart.bat" file in Startup folder.
* safe_*.bat files will not be overwritten by install. This allows you to modify the safe_start and safe_shutdown scripts to your needs.

[3 April 2008] SOS v4.6.7
* Added additional COM port options in event adaptors (COM1 to COM20)

[8 March 2008] SOS v4.6.6
* Uses FireBird Super-server runtime. (Previously only used during DB creation with /fbss flag)
* Added /NODBCHECK flag. This will skip the DB check, thus avoiding the DB file getting locked.

[16 Feb 2008] SOS v4.6.5
* Improved StreamAds to better detect duration upon update for advertisements.
* Fixed spelling of "separation" in config screen.

[19 Nov 2007] SOS v4.6.4
* Adjusted local balance calculation to result in a more random ordering of campaigns (and spots)

[28 May 2007] SOS v4.6.3
* Fixed bug with category seperation rule.

[15 February 2007] SOS v4.6.2
* Minor change in SQL query to grab next spot (Unique parameter names added)
* SOSChecker updated. (Silence detection + Optional external touch on error)

[28 January 2007] SOS v4.6.1
* Fixed Abacast relays.
* Added Silence detection for use in external monitor.

[2 December 2006] SOS v4.5.5
* Changed "auto" Traffic log rotation logic to use "playcount" as main sorting field. This was needed to properly handled "campaign traffic" items.

[1 December 2006] SOS v4.5.4
* Fixed latency problem with reading packets from NextGen.
* Changed check for Playcount so it is also applied for "Auto" fixed lists (as one can switch from "auto" to "fixed" at any time, which may cause 
  newer files to loop until it catches up on the playcount).
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