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SOS Control Window

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SOS' Control Window
SOS' Control Window
This window, found on the main screen of SOS will allow you to control how overlays and blackouts are handled in SOS.

Main Buttons

Place overlay – Manually force an overlay event. Clicking on the buttons from 5 to 60 seconds forces an overlay event of that duration. Useful for testing SOS initially.

Edit overlays – allows you to view the list of overlays in SOS. See Overlay window for details.

Stop overlay – if SOS is busy overlaying content, you can click this button to cause SOS to abort the current overlaying process.

Force update – forces SOS to communicate with StreamAds immediately and update its local list of overlays.

  • Note: SOS only updates 10 items at a time.

Force download – forces SOS to immediately start downloading the next pending advertisement to the local harddisk.

Verify overlays – verifies that all the downloaded files actually exist on the local harddrive. SOS will delete any entries from the database if the advertisement no longer exists, and most likely re-download them. You should only click this button if you have deleted some of the local advertisements from your harddisk.

Schedule Blackouts – this will bring up the Schedule Blackouts interface window.

Stop Blackout – if SOS is currently busy with a blackout, clicking the button will cause SOS to abort the blackout.

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