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SOS General Options

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This is a screen shown in the Configure Window in SOS.

General Options

Automatically start on load - When SOS is loaded, SOS will automatically start recording the audio and enable the SOS event adaptors.

  • Note: This does not automatically start the encoders. Encoders must be configured to start automatically from the encoder configuration.

Resync every 24 hours - SOS will dump the current audio buffer and resync the soundcard audio with the stream audio. The listeners will experience a “jump” in the audio. We do not recommend enabling this option unless:

  • You see a growing difference between the “real-time” and “input-time” values on the Information screen.
  • Experience a growing lag in your broadcast.
  • Experience unbounded memory usage of SOS, which in certain cases can be caused by timing issues with soundcards.

Capture sound from device - This is the audio device (soundcard) which SOS will use to capture the sound from. Remember, the soundcard recording mixer control must already be set to record from the correct source.

  • I.E.: If your audio is being passed into the Line-in of your soundcard, the line-in recording control must be selected in your soundcard mixer:
    • On your Windows Taskbar, there should be a speaker. Double-Click on that speaker and a box will pop up (alternatively you can go to Run, and type in "sndvol32" and a window will pop up):
      • In the Volume Control Box, click on "Options" then "Properties"
      • Click on Recording
      • Checkmark all in the White Box (Volume Controls)
      • Click OK
      • Select "Line-in" (or something that allows for mixing of your Line-in)
      • Send final audio to soundcard - The audio processed within SOS can also be sent to a soundcard output. This allows you to easily preview the audio and overlayed commercials generated by the SOS audio engine.

Logging - [x] Save log to file If enabled, SOS will log all events to a file (specified directly below). This can help debug any problems that may occur during the usage of SOS.

Maximum log size - The maximum allowed size of the log file. Once the log files reaches this size, it will be deleted and a new log file will be started.

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