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SOS Source Manager

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The source manager is responsible for scheduling and delivering overlay content. This is found as a selection on the Configure Window in SOS.

Source Manager

Selection mode – Specifies the logic that must be followed when selected the best overlay to use to cover content.

  • Priority – The overlay with the highest assigned priority will play more often than lower priority content.
  • Least recently played – The overlay that has not played for the longest time will be used.
  • Random – Select any overlay randomly.
  • Top to bottom – Play the overlays in order, from top to bottom.

Note: The selection mode is provided for legacy support. We highly recommend using the Priority mode if you do not have a specific reason to use one of the other methods.

Maximum variance – SOS smartly time-shifts the audio to allow for overlays with a certain duration to cover content of a different duration. Even so, SOS performs best if the overlays are about the same duration as the content that needs to be covered. This value specifies the maximum difference between the overlay and the content that needs to be covered. For example, if the maximum variance is 10 seconds and the content is 20 seconds, SOS is allowed to use any overlay to cover the content as long as the overlay is longer than 10 seconds in duration, but less than 30 seconds in duration.

Minimum wait time before overlay can play again – This important value avoids overlays playing back-2-back or being played twice in the same advertisement block. For example if you have 30 second overlays in a 2 minute advertisement block, you need to set this value to at least 2 minutes to avoid the same 30 second advertisement being played twice in the same block.

Minimum separation between categories – It is generally a bad thing to play two spots from the same category back-2-back. For example you want to avoid playing a spot about an automotive dealer right after another spot from a competing automotive dealer played. Setting this value can avoid this from happening.

Minimum separation between campaigns – Spots from the same campaign usually delivers the same message, but with different content. Thus playing two spots from the same campaign within the same ad-block is redundant. Setting this value to the maximum duration of your expected ad-blocks can avoid this from happening.

Note: Overlays are selected subject to various rules. For instance, if the rotation mode is Priority and the overlay with the highest priority is 60 seconds in duration, but the duration that needs to be covered is only 20 seconds – only overlays that fall within the duration will be selected and the Highest priority overlay will not get played. Instead the Highest priority overlay that also meets all the other conditions will be used.

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