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SimpleCast Main Screen

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The main screen allows you to control all the main aspects of SimpleCast.

Main Screen Buttons

SimpleCast's Main Window
SimpleCast's Main Window
  1. Power – Located at top-left corner. Click to close SOS application.
  2. Hide – Located at top-right corner. Click to hide SOS to system tray icon.
  3. Start / Stop – Start/Stop SOS recording from soundcard. (Green light on when SOS is started)
  4. Encoders – Opens/Closes encoders window. (Green light on when window visible)
  5. Statistics – Opens/cloes statistic relays window. (Green light on when window visible)
  6. Stream time – The duration SOS has been started & streaming.
  7. Current time – The current local system time.
  8. Current Listeners – Total number of listeners currently listening to the station, as reported by the configured statistic relays.
  9. Peak Listeners – The highest concurrent listeners count recorded by SOS since the start of SOS.
  10. Config – Brings up the SOS configuration options screen.
  11. About – Shows the SOS about screen, with detailed version information.
  12. VU Meter – The VU meter shows the dB levels of the audio processed by SOS.
  13. Help – Takes you to the help documentation.
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