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This page describes some of the most common sound card capturing issues encountered with EasyCast.

Common Issues

Problem Possible Solutions
There is no sound capturing devices or not all of them display in EasyCast? The most common resolution would be to update your sound card drivers.

There are three possible ways to do this

  • Open your windows update section and see if your sound card is in the list to download and install.
  • Find out who manufactures your sound card and go directly to their website and download the latest drivers and install them.
  • Install the drivers on the CD or DVD that came with your computer. Note that these drivers might be out of date. It is always better to download and install the latest drivers.
The VU meters do not move and there is no sound coming from the stream. Your recording device is probably muted. To check go into your sound settings and navigate to the recording devices. Make sure your selected recording device is not muted.
The stream is very soft. It could be that either your recording or playback volume is very soft. To check go into your sound settings and check the volume setting of both your recording and playback devices.

Windows 7 specific issues

Problem Possible Solutions
Your recording device is not visible in EasyCast. Try one of the following:
  • It is possible that your recording device is disabled. To check go to your sound settings in Control Panel and make sure your device is not disabled.
  • If you are using a external sound card device, make sure that it is properly plugged in, turned on and have the latest drivers installed.
General issue Please remember that in Windows VISTA en Windows 7 the volume controls are PER application although there is also a MASTER volume control.
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