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Sound FX

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The Sound FX window allows you to instantly play various sound effects or jingles over what is playing out your speakers in SAM Broadcaster and SAM Party DJ.

Sound FX Display

Sound FX Window in SAM
Sound FX Window in SAM
  1. Sound FX category list dropdown: Gives you a list of folders for Sound FX to choose from, found in Content -> Sound FX category.
  2. Previous/Next Page: When active, you can go forwards or backwards in the list.
  3. Current Page counter: Tells you which page of sound effects you are on.
  4. Effect buttons 1 through 12: This is an ABC order of sound effects in the Content -> Sound FX category, pressing it will play the sound effect.
  5. Emergency stop button: For any reason, you can click the Stop button in the middle of the Sound FX to stop it from playing.
  6. Volume slider: The volume slider allows you to set the volume at which effects are played. Make sure the volume is loud enough that effects can clearly be heard above the currently playing sound.
    • Tip: Set Volume to +2.8dB, the highest volume value, since SoundFX generally needs to be louder than the playing audio.

Sound FX control

The first step to complete before using Sound FX is to load the sound effect tracks. To do this, open the Playlist window and browse to: Content -> Sound FX category.

You can create your own custom categories under this parent category or simply add your effects to the already existing category called Sound FX (All)

Once done, return to the Sound FX window and click the Category dropdown to select the sound effects category you want loaded inside the window.

You should see the effect buttons 1 to 12 become active as the effects load into them.

You can instantly play an effect by pressing the appropriate button as well as pressing the button again will actively stop the FX.

Most effects are short and should play to the end, but if you for some reason instantly want to stop an effect, press the stop button.

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