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SpacialAudio was formed in 1998 with the goal to develop streaming software solutions for both small and large broadcasters. Innovative products like Streaming Audio Manager (SAM) and MediaPoint Manager (MPM) have helped lead the digital streaming revolution and to this day are still considered unmatched in their functionality and cost effectiveness.

The demand for our products in turn created a demand for AudioRealm.com - an Internet broadcasting portal initially designed to serve the needs of broadcasters specifically using our software solutions, but AudioRealm quickly turned into a portal where listeners could easily find quality stations they are able listen to and enjoy. In early 1999, AudioRealm signed the first blanket license agreement with the RIAA to cover the legal concerns of it's broadcast members and also offered many services to broadcasters including Syndicated content, Stream hosting, Web hosting, Revenue streams and through the years AudioRealm has built up a very loyal broadcaster community.

SpacialAudio has also established strong partnerships with leading companies to firmly help improve our position as a leader in this market and offer more value added services to all of our customers.

SpacialAudio has what it takes to help bring your vision to life - no matter how small or large it might be.

Please contact us to discuss how we can make your vision a reality.

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Time Zone: GMT-5

Fax: (512) 519-4370

Phone: (972) 739-6420

Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC
P.O. Box 90781
Austin, Texas

South Africa

Time-zone: GMT+2

Fax: +27 (86) 679 2060

Phone: +1-972-739-6420

SpacialDev, CC
P.O. Box 164
Menlyn Retail Park
South Africa
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