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Ken: May 1, 2008

Spacial Audio - News Update

Table Of Content * Upgrade to SAM Broadcaster v4.3.6 * Downloading Side Note * It's Time to Hear From You * Stepping Up to the Spacial Player * Surveys Build an Audience Profile

The Fix is In... Make That On!

Upgrade by downloading SAM Broadcaster v4.3.6. This newest SAM update allows for album/song information lookup using the improved Amazon API. Getting this updated version also fixes the "frozen" Ogg decoder bug and the DSP plugin bug, if either of those bothered you. SAM Broadcaster v4.3.6 Download is at http://www.spacialaudio.com/?page=sam-broadcaster&tab=tab-sam-broadcaster-download

Speaking of Downloads

It's probably not at the top of your agenda, but you need to be aware when downloading any program. Spyware, adware, and other kinds of creepy stuff is spread all over the internet. Make sure the program you download carries a credible certification that it is free of malicious code. All Spacial Audio software is certified by three sources: Softpedia - http://www.softpedia.com>Softpedia.com, DownloadSoft - http://www.downloadsoft.com, and FindMySoft - http://www.findmysoft.com. Spacial Audio Download Central: http://www.spacialaudio.com/?page=downloads

Feedback is Good

There have been many improvements at Spacial Audio over the past year; added support staff, more programmers and folks working behind the scenes to produce tutorial videos so you can quickly get the most from Spacial software. However, there is one more item we need to do - talk with you. We'd like to call customers and ask how we're doing, but don't want to invade your privacy. So, If you'd like to receive a call send an email to ken@spacialaudio.com - (Please include your phone number.) We'll get back to as many people as possible.

Use the Spacial Audio Media Player

If you haven't looked at the upgraded Spacial Audio Media Player, take a moment right now to see a sleek design featuring StreamAds; which lets you insert ads from three different sources. (Example: Bid4Spots Auctions, an agency, and your sales team.) This upgraded player from Spacial delivers video pre-roll Gateways, synchronized banner/audio ads, instream, and text advertising. Be prepared for those advertisers knocking on your internet radio advertising door. Start using the Spacial Audio Media Player on your station today! http://www.spacialnet.com/demo/cannedplayer/skins/default/player.canned.normal.html

It's time to get serious about the placement, targeting and selling of your radio station's ad inventory. StreamAds, and player information is here: http://www.spacialaudio.com/?page=streamads

Be Part of the Solution

We are in the Beta stage of an exciting new opportunity. Spacial Audio offers, to all stations, the only continuously running internet radio listener survey. Originating in October, 2001, RRadio Network Surveys have produced dozens of reports. It's objective is to gathering facts on a variety of items affecting internet radio, and other online media. This data is extremely important in showing media planners why they should include internet radio in their ad buy.

We are asking for stations that want to become part of this survey system to contact Ken@SpacialAudio.com. Forward your station logo with the url, and describe the format.

You will receive two short lines of code to place on your station's home page. (StreamAds users can have the survey request placed in their player, too.) All surveys are branded to the serving station. For an example visit the Chronix Radio survey - http://www.rradionetwork.com/stations/crxrsend/redirect.htm

This News Update is the official word from Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC. Please direct comments to Ken Dardis, ken@spacialaudio.com

Spacial Audio Solutions LLC. P.O. Box 90781 Austin, Texas 78709-0781 (972) 739-6420

SpacialDev, CC P.O. Box 164 Menlyn Retail Park Pretoria 0063 South Africa

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