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What is the difference between SHOUTcast and Windows Media?

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What is the difference between SHOUTcast and Windows Media?


Both SHOUTcast and Windows Media have their pro's and con's. The choice is up to you. Here is a quick rundown of the differences:

SHOUTcast Streaming Differences

  • Supports MP3 and aacPlus streaming
  • Allows for NSV (Nullsoft Video) streaming
  • Can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux through programs like WinAmp, Quicktime, iTunes, XMMS, Real Player, Windows Media Player
  • Lists your station automatically on SHOUTcast.com's Station Listings
  • Easy to Setup

Windows Media Streaming Differences

  • Supports only the WMS (Windows Media Server) format
  • Sounds better at lower bitrates (64kbps and lower)
  • Can be played only on Windows Media Player; however, Windows Media Player can be downloaded for the Mac.
  • Allows for WMV (Windows Media Video) streaming
  • Allows for DualCast (Live stream and On-Demand content)

Once again the choice here is up to you, SpacialNet fully supports both server types.

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