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Account Login

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How do I find my information

Depending on which type of account depends on how you get to your account information.

For Stream Hosting/Free Broadcaster

You should have a user name and password for your account.
The login for Stream hosting/broadcaster account
Enter you user name and password.

Now you may be looking at the lading page thinking where are my streaming servers.
Well from the menu on the left there is a Bold heading
Stream hosting

Click Stream hosting

That will bring up the list of Streaming servers you have.
On the right side are pay edit cancel links.
To see the Server info click the edit link.
There you will find all the information for your Encoder and Stat Relay.


For Software Products/Client Section

You need you email address that was used when you purchased and the password that was sent in the email.
If you did not get the email or you need to re download the product
then it is the Client section you can always log into and get the Product Key and download.

Got to http://www.spacialaudio.com/clients
username: The email you used when you purchased
password: the one you got in the email or the one you got from support.

When you get logged in the Registration key and download are at the bottom of the page.
Other account information is there as well. Check the menu on the left

Activation Note

Don't get the Registration confused with Activation. For more on Activation
click Here .


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