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Adding a MediaPoint Manager Statistic Relay

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MediaPoint Manager is a solution that we created to talk to the Windows Media server so we could get stats for radio stations to use. It is easy to implement in all of our broadcasting solutions including SAM Broadcaster, SimpleCast and SOS.

How to Setup a MediaPoint Manager Statistic Relay

  • In the Statistic Relays window click on the '[+]' button
  • Select MediaPoint Manager (Windows Media) Statistic Relay, click "OK ".
  • Enter MediaPoint Manager server details
    • Enter Host in MPM Host field
    • Enter Port in Port field (commonly this is port 8008)
    • Enter your Username in Username field
    • Enter your Password in Password field
      • Note: If you are a SpacialNet customer, this is your SpacialNet Username and Password.
    • Click on the down arrow for Alias, select your Alias once it shows.
    • Enter the bitrate you selected in Bitrate
    • If you don't want your server listed publicly, uncheck Private statistic relay
    • Choose the color to use when drawing this relay's graph on the Statistic relays graph
  • Click "OK"
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