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Audio Settings

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The Audio settings dialog allows you to quickly adjust the settings of all audio channels and output devices from a single location. This can be found in some form in SAM Broadcaster, SAM Party DJ and SOS.

Where to Find Dialog Box

In SAM Broadcaster & SAM Party DJ there are two ways to bring up the Audio settings dialog:

  • The first method is to click on the EQ button on any of the players, Sound FX or Voice FX windows.
    • Note: When invoked from the players, you can actually adjust the audio settings and STILL control the players and user interface as well. So this is a great way to adjust the settings while still having control over SAM.
  • The second method is to click on any of the buttons in the Audio Mixer Pipeline.
    • Note: When invoked from the Audio mixer pipeline, the dialog and showed as "modal" and you must click on the OK button before you can access anything on SAM again.

The Audio settings dialog allows you to configure the audio settings for Deck A, Deck B, Aux players 1, 2 and 3, Sound FX, Voice FX, the final mixer channel and the selected output devices.

Note: Aux Player 3 is a hidden player, mostly used in the Song information editor.

In SOS you can get to get to the audio settings by clicking on the button that says "AGC".

Audio Settings Options

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