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DSP is short for Digital Sound Processing. DSP plugins can modify the audio and common DSP plugins are limiters, plugins that add reverb and volume normalization plugins to name just a few. SAM Party DJ, SAM Broadcaster and SOS can use DSP plugins to manipulate the audio which have full support for Winamp DSP plugins and makes it easy to use.

On the DSP window display will be a list of available DSP plugins.

  • Note: Our software will automatically search both the ./???/plugins directory (??? being the software of choice: SOS, SAMPDJ or SAMBC).

How to Use the DSP Area

DSP Window seen in SAM Broadcaster
DSP Window seen in SAM Broadcaster

To enable a DSP plugin, simply click the checkbox next to the DSP plugin.

To configure a DSP plugin, make sure that it is selected and then click on the Configure plugin button.

The Refresh list button allows you to reload the list of available plugins without having to restart (i.e. if you installed a DSP plugin while SAM4 is running, you will need to click on the Refresh list button in order to make the new DSP plugin show up in the list of available DSP plugins).

DSP plugins process the audio pasing through the audio channel in the order they are listed in the window. You may change the order of the plugins with the green up/down arrows on the right.

Where to Find the DSP

In SAM Broadcaster & SAM Party DJ:

Alternatively you can click on EQ in Deck A or Deck B and click on DSP.


  • Click on AGC
  • Click on DSP

Where to find more DSP plugins?

The best place to find DSP plugins are from the Winamp website.

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