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Equalizer (EQ)

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An Equalizer allows you to adjust the volume level for different frequency bands, giving you fine control over the final sound output. This allows you to emphasize bass, trebble or vocals. Equalizers can be found on SAM Party DJ, SAM Broadcaster and SOS.

Use of the Equalizer

Equalizer Window seen in SAM Broadcaster
Equalizer Window seen in SAM Broadcaster

Our software contains a 10-band equalizer for each audio channel, as well as the final mixer channel.

You can Load predetermined EQ settings, or save your own custom EQ settings.

The EQ settings will only be used on the audio channel if the Enabled button is checked.

Where to Find the Equalizer

In SAM Broadcaster & SAM Party DJ:

Alternatively you can click on EQ in Deck A or Deck B.


  • Click on AGC
  • Click on EQ
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