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'''Software Needed'''
'''Software Needed'''
     * Audio Grabber v1.83
     * <a href="http://www.audiograbber.com-us.net/">Audio Grabber v1.83</a>
     * Sam Party DJ v4 and up
     * Sam Party DJ v4 and up

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How do I use the Karaoke features in SAM Party DJ?


SAM Party DJ has the capability of playing mp3+cdg files. If you already have a collection of files for karaoke use then they must be a playable audio media format and cdg file zipped into one archive. If not then please continue reading on how to create these archives.

Hardware Needed

   * If you don't already have one, buy a Plextor CD-RW. Many CDRWs will not read or write a CD+G properly, all Plextor drives do.
   * Make sure you have plenty of free hard drive space as the conversion process may need over a gig per CD+G

Software Needed

   * <a href="http://www.audiograbber.com-us.net/">Audio Grabber v1.83</a>
   * Sam Party DJ v4 and up

Ripping the Karaoke Disk

   * Start Audio Grabber and insert Karaoke Disk
   * Click on Settings -> General Settings
   * Note the directory your files will be stored in
   * Change DAE Speed to 4.00X
   * Click OK
   * Click on Settings -> MP3 Settings
   * In the first option, Grab to, select MP3 file via intermediate wav file, Delete the wav file.
   * The mp3 encoder needs to be set to LameEnc.  If it is not there you need to grab the lameenc.dll from a website and include it in your audiograbber install directory.
   * Click OK
   * Insert Karaoke Disk (Track listing should be displayed on the main window)
   * If your burner is cd+g compatible, you should see a number of labeled tracks and one data track.  If you see only labeled tracks, your burner is not compatible.
   * Choose CD -> Grab CDG Tracks (Karaoke) -> Grab to .cdg + compressed file
   * Compress the resulting file for each individual track to the zip format using the system's Compress (zip) Folder capabilities.

Importing to SAM Party DJ

   * Import zip files as you would any other media format into the SAM Party DJ Software.
   * Choose the Karaoke category.
   * Add Sub folder and call it KDJ, or any other name appropriate for the collection
   * Click the + icon and add each track or you can add the entire directory contents of a zip collection.
       - Please note that the import feature may take some time to add all files.
   * SAM Party DJ will extract the zip's and play the files for you.
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