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Logging into StreamAds

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[[Image:StreamAds_login.PNG|right|thumb|320px|StreamAds login]]
[[Image:StreamAds_login.PNG|right|thumb|320px|StreamAds login]]

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StreamAds login
StreamAds login

In order to log into your StreamAds account, go to http://sa-a.streamads.com/sa/

Here you will see 3 different login screens for the 3 different types of StreamAds users.

  • Advertiser login
    The Advertiser login is meant to be used by Advertisers which has been given an username and password so they can view the progress and statistics of their campaigns in real-time.
  • Station login
    The Station login is meant for station owners, which also wish to generate reports on the advertisements being delivered on their station. Within StreamAds, stations can also generate the required banner, text and gateway code to use on their website.
    Note: Stations are not able to schedule or traffic any advertisements. This can only be done by Agents. See below.

  • Agent login
    The Agent login is meant to be used by Agents which are responsible for scheduling and managing advertisers. Agents will create advertisers, campaigns, upload advertisements, target advertisements to stations and schedule them accordingly. Most users will make use of the Agent login screen.

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