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PAL Scripts

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PAL is short for Playlist Automation Language. PAL scripts are mini-programs that can be executed inside SAM Broadcaster to accomplish almost anything! For example, many stations use a PAL script to load shows at specified times or to keep the queue full of songs according to custom playlist rotation rules.

PAL is based on the Delphi programming language. Many SAM users have found the Delphi Basics site useful in gaining a better understanding of PAL's functionality.

See PAL (Playlist Automation Language) for more information about PAL and some sample scripts.

PAL Scripts Display

SAM Broadcaster's PAL Scripts' Window
SAM Broadcaster's PAL Scripts' Window
  1. Plus ("+") button will allow you to:
    • browse for a script file that already exists on your hard drive by clicking the folder icon in the PAL Script configuration pop-up.
    • create a new, empty PAL document by typing a name in the PAL Script configuration pop-up.
  2. Minus ("-") button will remove the currently selected PAL script.
  3. Config ("Tools") button allows you to configure the currently selected PAL script.
  4. Edit button to load the currently selected PAL script into the PAL IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
  5. Start button will start to execute the currently selected PAL script.
  6. Pause button will pause the currently selected script (if it's executing).
  7. Stop button will stop the PAL script and reset it. Note that it will close the PAL script immediately, and it will not wait for the script to reach the end.
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