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Category ClockWheel


The Playlist provides an easy to use interface to categorize, manage and find your music. Understanding the power of SAM categories is crucial for the proper use of SAM Broadcaster or SAM Party DJ.

Categories are incredibly important. Therefore, if you have not read and understood playlist categories, please do so before continuing.

Understanding Playlist Categories

Playlist Window in SAM
Playlist Window in SAM


SAM uses a folder icon for Categories. Be aware that the contents of these Category "folders" are an indication of what is in SAM's database which may NOT necessarily be what is in your hard drive Directory "folders" of the same name. In addition, the tree structure shown in SAM does not function the same way as the Windows directory tree.

Playlist Display:

  1. [^] Categories
  2. Categories window
  3. Category tracks window
  4. Add files
  5. Remove files
  6. Search
  7. Refresh
  8. Status bar

Playlist Control

You can click on the [^] button right next to the Categories text to hide or show the category window. (You can also double-click on the Categories text.)

The Categories window contains a "tree view" of all available categories. You can click on any node in the tree to open up the node and display its contents inside the Category tracks window.

You can create a new Category by right-clicking on a Category parent and choosing New from the popup menu. Then enter the new category name and press [Enter] to save the changes. The Category name MUST be unique or else the changes to the name will not be applied.

You can delete a category by right-clicking on the category and choosing the Delete option from the popup menu.

Warning: This will delete the complete category a long with any child-categories beneath it!

You can rename any category by choosing the Rename option from the popup menu.

The Add command from the popup menu allows you to (click on the down arrow next to the [+]):

  • Add files
  • Add directory
  • Add URL
  • Add Playlist

Other popup menu commands:

  • Search will bring up the search dialog in order to instantly locate songs.
  • Refresh list will reload the track information from the database.
    • Note: You can drag categories around to change their location or to make them a child node of another category.

Shortcut Keys for Playlist Display:

  • [Ins]: Add a new category
  • [Del]: Delete selected category
  • [Ctrl] + [F]: Open Song search dialog
  • Begin typing: Open Song search dialog
  • [F10]: Refresh information

Category Tracks Window

Depending on the currently selected category the Category tracks window will display either:

  1. Normal categories
    • A list of all tracks / songs in the category.
      • Example : Tracks category.
  2. Parent categories
    • A list of all child categories under the current category. (If the category is a parent root node category.)
      • Example : Playlist category.
  3. Grouped categories
    • A list of category groups on the left with a list of tracks inside the group to the right.
      • Example : Groups->By Artist

1. Normal categories

Most categories are normal. They contain a list of songs. If some options are disabled for a particular category, those operations are not valid for the current, selected category.

Adding songs to the category:

  • You can drag a track or tracks from almost ANY song list onto the tracks window and the songs will be added to the category.
  • You can even drag files directly from Windows File Explorer.
  • The green Plus ("+") button will allow you to Add files to the category. Clicking directly on the Plus button will load the File Open dialog box.
    • Clicking on the down arrow next to the green Plus will allow you to:
      • Add Files
      • Add a whole Directory
      • Add an URL or
      • Add a Playlist to the current category.

Removing songs from a category:

  • The red Minus ("-") button allows you to Remove the selected track(s) from the category. The dropdown menu from the Minus button allows you to:
    • Remove: Remove the selected tracks from the category.
    • Crop: Will remove ALL tracks from the category EXCEPT those currently selected.
    • Clear: Will remove all tracks from the category.
    • Remove from all: will completely remove the selected tracks from the Media Library. (The song is completely taken out of the database)
    • Delete physical file: Will delete the actual source audio file. Use with care!
  • The Search button will open the Song search dialog which allows you to quickly locate songs.
  • The Refresh button will reload the information from the database to make sure the very latest information is being displayed.

Right-click on the tracks window to get a list of more operations (We will only discuss the operations not dicussed above.)

  • Queue bottom: will add the selected tracks to the bottom of the queue.
  • Queue top: will add the selected tracks to the top of the queue.
  • Sort: allows you to sort the list according to a specific field, or the Shuffle command will randomize the list.
  • Select all: will select all the tracks in the category.
  • Invert selection: will unselect the currently selected songs and then select the currently unselected songs.
  • Song Info: will open the Song information editor.

2. Parent categories

Some categories have no other purpose than existing as the parent node in a tree for more categories. Such categories will simply display the list of child categories in the tracks window. You can then double-click on a category to open it.

3. Grouped categories

Grouped categories groups tracks together by a certain common value. For example, the Grouped category called By genre groups tracks together with the same genre. Clicking on a genre in the list on the left loads all the tracks available in that genre in the list on the right.

Note: Many of the operations discussed in (1) Normal categories will not work in this section since these lists are an example of Generated categories.

Shortcut Keys For Tracks in Selected Categories:

[Enter]: Add selected songs to bottom of queue list
[Ctrl] + [Enter]: Add selected songs to top of queue list
[Ctrl] + [O]: Add files
[Ctrl] + [D]: Add directory
[Ctrl] + [U]: Add URL
[Ctrl] + [L]: Add Playlist
[Del] :Remove selected song(s)
[Shift] + [Del]: Crop
[Ctrl] + [Del]: Clear category
[Ctrl] + [F]: Song search dialog
Begin Typing: Song search dialog
[Ctrl] + [R]: Shuffle
[F10]: Refresh
[Ctrl] + [A]: Select all
[Ctrl] + [I]: Invert selection
[Alt] + [3]: Song information editor

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