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Registration Key

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Please type your registration key into the 4 or 5 boxes provided and click on the Register button. If the key is valid, you will be notified that the key was accepted and should see your registration information updated (see below). This screen is the same for SAM Broadcaster, SimpleCast, SOS and SAM Party DJ.

If your key was not accepted please double-check that you typed it correctly and try again.

Note: You can copy & paste the complete key into the first edit field, thus avoiding having to type it manually.

Registration Information

Registration Key Window from SAM Broadcaster v4
Registration Key Window from SAM Broadcaster v4
  • Client No - Your Client ID number as registered in our client database.
  • Dist. type - Specify on what media the software was distributed.
  • Type - They registration key type.

Possible Values for Type:

  1. Registered - Product is fully registered and will never expire.
  2. Expire on date - Product is licensed for a period of time only and will expire on a specified date.
  3. Trial - Product is unlicensed and the trial will expire after 14 days.
  • Expire date - Date on which product will expire. For fully registered users the product will never expire.
  • Days left - Days until product expires.

Note: Your registration key can be viewed from the Secure Client Section. This is also the ONLY place where you can download a FULL version of the software that can be unlocked via a registration key. DEMO versions of the software can not be unlocked, even if you have a valid key.

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