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SAM Broadcaster

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==Other Languages==
==Other Languages==
[[SAM Broadcaster (Ita)|SAM Broadcaster into nederlans]]<br>
[[SAM Broadcaster (Ita)|SAM Broadcaster into Italian]]<br>
==Hardware Control==
==Hardware Control==
[[Serial Control by the Direct Method]]<br>
[[Serial Control by the Direct Method]]<br>
[[Hardware Control with the HCP Project]]
[[Hardware Control with the HCP Project]]

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SAM Broadcaster's Main Window
SAM Broadcaster's Main Window

SAM is short for Streaming Audio Manager and was developed specifically with the needs of Internet broadcasters in mind. It combines many years of research with cutting-edge technology to bring you the power, features, and reliability professional broadcasters require. SAM takes control of all aspects of your broadcast and makes you sound professional while saving you time and money. With the flexibility, compatibility, and strong support network, it is little wonder SAM is considered the best Internet broadcasting tool available today.

These pages contain many sections that will help you discover the full power of SAM technology. Please make an effort to read the help documentation first before asking general questions. This documentation covers SAM usage in depth and most questions can be answered herein.


Quick Links

Help Topics

Knowledge Base

For more information please choose a category below:

System Requirements
PAL (Playlist Automation Language)
Setting up SAM's HTML Output
Using SAM and PHP functions
PHPNuke Blocks
Plugins (Outdated)
Quick Start Guide - Get your Stream Online in 30 Minutes
Remote Desktop Troubles


Installing MySQL Video
Installing SAM Broadcaster Video

Other Languages

SAM Broadcaster into Italian

Hardware Control

Serial Control by the Direct Method
Hardware Control with the HCP Project

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