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SAM Party DJ

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Party DJ Quick Start How Do I install SAM Party DJ v3?
I lost my SAM Party DJ v3 registration key, how do I retrieve it?
Upgrade to SAM Broadcaster v3
What is SAM Party DJ v3?
Artists comes up as "Various"
Difference between downloaded version vs. purchased version
Recording Feature (output feature)
System Requirements
Who should use SAM Party DJ?
How Do I play karaoke files in SAM PDJ v4?

What is SAM Party DJ?
SAM Party DJ is a fully featured, professional DJ system with Dual player decks, Beat matching, Crossfading, Gap killer, Queue,
Cue/Fade/Intro points, VoiceFX, SoundFX, album cover support and able to handle LARGE playlists. Categories and full drag&drop
support makes managing your media library a breeze!

Perfect for DJs, Clubs, Bars and Restaurants - or even just for home use.

It combines six years of research with cutting-edge technology to bring you the power, features, and reliability professional DJ's require. SAM Party DJ takes control of all aspects of your event and makes you sound professional while saving you time and money. With the flexibility, compatibility, and strong support network, it is little wonder SAM Party DJ is considered the best DJ tool available today.

This help file contains many sections that will help you discover the full power of SAM Party DJtechnology. We would, however, like to point out that this is not the only place you can get help for SAM Party DJ. There are many other resources:

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