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* [http://www.streamads.com Official StreamAds website]
* [http://www.streamads.com Official StreamAds website]
* [[StreamAds|StreamAds documentation]]
* [[StreamAds|StreamAds documentation]]
* [[SOS Changelog|Latest change history]]
==How-To Guides==
==How-To Guides==

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Introduction: What is SOS?

SOS' Main Window
SOS' Main Window

SOS is short for "Stream Overlay System". It allows you to re-broadcast your terrestrial AM/FM station over the internet and substituting the commercials from your terrestrial station with internet-only commercials.

The management of commercials is done with StreamAds, a hosted advertisement management solution that allows you to manage the commercials for hundreds of stations from a single location.

This help file contains many sections that will help you discover the full power of SOS. This help documentation covers SOS usage in depth and most questions can be answered herein. Please make an effort to read the help documentation first before asking general questions.

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