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SOS Appendix C

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Triggering Blackouts via Event Adaptors

You can easily trigger a blackout via the Event Adaptors by filling in the SongInfo object.

For example the following will trigger a 5sec blackout when using the HTTP event adaptor. http://localhost:8181/?songtype=B&duration=5000&filename=test.m3u&intro=test.mp3&outro=test.mp3

Key fields:

  • songtype: Set value of 'B' to signal blackout. (Required)
  • duration: Duration of blackout in milliseconds (Required)
  • filename: The location of a M3U playlist file containing a list of tracks to play during the blackout. (Required)
    If you do not want any audio, write silence as the file.
  • intro: Intro file to play at start of blackout. (Optional)
  • outro: File to play once blackout ends. (Optional)
  • artist, title and other normal song fields can also be specified for display purposes. (Optional)

You can also trigger the end of a blackout by using a songtype value of 'Z', i.e. http://localhost:8181/?songtype=Z

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