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SOS Info Window

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This window, found on the Info button in SOS' main screen, shows a lot of internal information variables of SOS in real-time. This allows you to quickly see the current internal status of SOS and can help a lot in solving general SOS problems.

SOS' Info Window
SOS' Info Window

Real-time – The actual time that elapsed since SOS was started.

Input time – The total duration of the audio captured from the soundcard. This *should* match the “real-time” exactly. While minor differences can be ignored, a difference that keeps growing with time might indicate timing issues with your soundcard or soundcard driver.

Output time – The actual duration encoded and streamed. Due to SOS’ smart timeshifting the Output time can vary quite a bit from the value reported by Input time.

Overlaying – If Yes, then SOS is currently busy with an overlay.

Overlay time left – The duration remaining of the content that should be overlayed.

Source time left – The duration remaining of the content used to cover the available overlay space.

Pad End Time – Shows the total remaining padding time to apply to end of current overlay space.

Event lag – The expected lag from event adaptors. See Configuration for more details.

Time shift – The total duration of timeshifting applied by SOS.

Overlay space – The accumulated time that can be used for inserting spots.

Busy padding – If Yes, SOS is busy inserting silence into the audio stream.

Buffer mode:

  • Store: SOS is sending the audio data to the stream for encoding.
  • Drop: SOS is discarding the audio data, most likely because the audio data is part of an overlay which needs to be covered with other content.

Data size diff - Should always be zero.

Blackout – Yes if SOS is in the middle of a blackout.

Blackout time – The total remaining duration of the blackout.

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