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SOS Overlay window

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SOS' "Edit Overlays" window found in the Control Window
SOS' "Edit Overlays" window found in the Control Window

This window shows you a list of overlays downloaded from the various providers.

The fields in the view are:

ID - Local database ID

Provider - The provider from which the advertisement was downloaded from

Filename - The local filename of the overlay

Description - Short overlay description

Duration - Duration of overlay in h:mm:ss format

Status - Current status of overlay. Can be:

  • Ready - Ready for use in rotation
  • Download – Overlay must be downloaded from provider
  • Downloading – Overlay is currently being downloaded

Spins / Spot plays – the number of times the overlay has been played over content.

Performances / Impressions – the number of listeners that heard the overlay.

Blocked – If Yes, do not use overlay in rotation. (Double-click to change)

You can change the order of the overlays by using the Move up and Move down buttons.

  • Note: This is only useful if you are using the Top-to-Bottom rotation. We recommend to always use Priority rotation.

You can limit the view to overlays of a specific provider by selecting the provider from the dropdown menu and then clicking on the Refresh button.

Double-clicking on an overlay will mark it as blocked, i.e. the overlay is disabled.

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