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Reliable Stream Hosting

Low cost, reliable stream hosting solutions trusted by hundreds of broadcasters worldwide. No hidden fees. No long-term contracts - cancel at any time. No waiting for support to make changes - you have FULL control over your server settings via an online administration panel.

Professional Broadcasting Services

Sign up today for your FREE SpacialNet broadcaster account and enjoy the benefits of additional exposure for your stream, free broadcaster tools, great software and various services. Join the SpacialNet community of hundreds of broadcasters and meet fellow broadcasters.

Stream Hosting

We offer Live, On-Demand and DualCast streaming.
( Whats the Difference? between the types?)

Live Streaming is available in Windows Media and SHOUTcast.
( What's the Difference? between the servers?)

On-Demand Streaming is available in Windows Media

DualCast is available in Windows Media

Frequently Asked Questions. On-Demand
What is it?
How do I create an on-demand account?
Creating a Playlist (.asx) file.
How do I set up my Live account to archive to my on-demand directory?
How to set up my Live account to randomly broadcast content from my On-demand directory?
PUSH encoder is not able to connect.
PULL encoder is active, but stream fails to play.
Instructions on how to cancel your PayPal subscriptions
You might need to add a Windows Media mime type to your webserver for Windows Media to launch automatically.
Knowledgebase article with a example .ASX file.

What is the difference between Live, On-demand and DualCast streaming?
What streaming service is right for me? Live, On-demand or DualCast?
What is the difference between SHOUTcast and Windows Media?
How does Live streaming work?
How does On-demand streaming work?
How does DualCast streaming work?
What streaming software do I need?
What would be the best bitrate to use for my stream?
Quick Start Guide - Get your Stream Online in 30 Minutes

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