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Station Details

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This is the screen that defines your station at SpacialNet and AudioRealm. This area is the same for all of our broadcasting software and is found in the Configure Window.

Note: Make sure to complete the Member Details area before filling this out.

==Station Details Area== Blagaj Mahala radio

Only the Short name and Name fields are required. We recommend completing all the fields.

92.1 FM - This is the short name of the station as created in the My Stations area of SpacialNet. Click on the dropdown arrow and wait a second or two for SAM4 to query the AudioRealm database for all registered stations. Once it completes, it will show you a list of stations that you have registered - choose the correct one.

  • Note: If you get an error message, double-check your Member Details at SpacialNet to make sure they are correct. Also, make sure you are connected to the internet.

GROWN FOLK RADIO - Full name of your station.

OLD SKOOL R&B,HIP HOP,N FUNK - of your station. Short and to the point descriptions are the most effective.

HTTP://myspace.com/grownfolkradio- the website address of your station.

  • Note: Make sure to include http:// in front of your website address!

OLD SKOOL R&B - The main genre describing the station.

HIP HOP - Secondary genre describing the station.

GOSPEL - Inside genre 3 you can manually enter genre information (Up to 15 characters) or select one from the dropdown list.

GROWNFOLK@LIVE.COM - Your station contact email address.

AIM - Your AOL Instant Messenger username. Important: This information will be publically displayed. Leave this field empty if you do not wish the general public to view your AIM details.

ICQ # - Your ICQ number. Important: This information will be publically displayed. Leave this field empty if you do not wish the general public to view your ICQ number.

  • Note: This information will be publically displayed. Leave desired fields empty that you don't wish to be public like: Email, AIM and ICQ.

Show details on AudioRealm.com - If checked, your station will be shown on the AudioRealm station list, but only if you have at least one active relay. (There is no sense showing a station into which no listener can connect.) By checking this option, you give express permission to AudioRealm.com to list your station on partner sites and players for even more exposure.

Note: If you have not registered for an account at SpacialNet, you will want to do so before filling out this area. Once at SpacialNet, click on My Stations.

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