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Statistic Relays Graph

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The Statistic relays graph window provides a nice graphical overview of listeners over the last hour. You can view the overall listenership plus each individual relay. Each relay can be color-coded for easy identification. This is found in SAM Broadcaster, SOS and SimpleCast.

Statistic Relays Graph Display

Statistic Relay Graph seen in SAM Broadcaster
Statistic Relay Graph seen in SAM Broadcaster
  1. The vertical axis displays the number of viewers (listeners).
  2. The horizontal axis displays the time.
  3. The navy colored line is the overall stats of all the relays combined. This line will turn red if no relays are active.
  4. Each relay is color-coded. The color can be specified within the Statistic relays window.

Statistic relays graph control

  • Hold down [Shift] and then hold down the left mouse button while dragging the mouse. This will create a zoom box that allows you to zoom into a section of the graph.
  • Holding down [Shift] and make a single left mouse button click to restore the view.
  • Holding down [Ctrl] and the left mouse button while dragging the mouse to pan the graph view.

Note: The graph will return to the default state as soon as the graph updates.

You can get more graphs inside the SpacialNet member section. There is a full 24-hour graph and a daily summary graph available.

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