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StreamAds: Scheduling Filler content

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== Overview ==
== Overview ==

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Filler content is any content scheduled into StreamAds with the goal of providing something to play or display when there are not any paid commercial advertisements to use.

Even if you have paid advertisements scheduled in StreamAds, a lot of times to rotation limiting rules prevent any scheduled advertisements from being picked.

Filler content is primarily required for in-stream advertisements.

Without filler content StreamAds would be forced to cover the time with just silence. Long periods of silence is obviously very bad for retaining listeners as many would think something is wrong and stop listening.

What can be used as filler content?

In-stream filler content

Basically anything that can be played instead of advertisements.

  • PSA's - Public Service Announcements (i.e. AdCouncil - download PSA's from PSA Central)
  • Station IDs
  • Station jingles
  • Promotions
  • Music beds
  • Short artist interviews
  • or any other piece of relatively short content.

You can also grab some of our pre-produced Generic filler content

Banner & Text filler content

If you use StreamAds to rotate advertisements on your website (and not just for synchronized banner & text advertisements), you may need to schedule some filler banners and text advertisements.

Gateway filler content

If StreamAds does not have any gateways to deliver to a listener, then no gateway will be delivered and the listener will instantly connect to the stream.

We highly recommend you DO NOT schedule filler content for gateway advertisements. The reasoning is that while gateways are a great way to monetize your stream, and they usually garner very good CPM rates ... they remain a speed-bump for people eager to get to the stream. There is no need to delay listeners from reaching your stream unless you are going to monetize on that delay.

That being said, you could schedule filler content for gateways as well if there is a compelling reason to do so.

How to schedule filler content

Scheduling filler content is done almost the same as any other paid content, with a few minor differences.

Just like with any advertisement campaign, you first need to create an Advertiser under which to run your filler content. We recommend calling the Advertiser Filler - Station name as each station will most likely have their own filler content.

The next step is to create several campaigns under the Filler advertiser. Create a campaign for each filler content type, i.e.

StationID Filler Campaign
PSA Filler Campaign
Jingle Filler Campaign

IMPORTANT: We split the filler content into campaigns for a very good reason - to make smart use of the rotation limits applied by the software on playing content from the same campaign. The software will not place content from the same campaign into the same advertisement block, thus if we were to group ALL filler content into a single campaign, then StreamAds would only be able to pick one of them for rotation. That could result in StreamAds having to fill the rest of the time with silence as it is unable to pick any additional filler content.

Note: Some stations even go so far as to create several campaigns for the same content type, i.e. PSA Filler1, PSA Filler2. That results in StreamAds being able to play more than once PSA within the same advertisement block.

Once you have your campaign groups configued, you can continue to upload the filler content for each campaign.

Make sure to set the following while scheduling filler content:

  1. For in-stream advertisements, make sure to select the Unpaid option for the Commercial field.
  2. For all types, make sure to set the Priority field to Backup only. This will ensure we do not use filler content until there is absolutely no paid commercials to be scheduled.

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