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StreamAds - Bronze Level

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(STEP 1: Install software)
(STEP 2: List on AudioRealm)
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# Get a FREE [http://www.spacialnet.com/broadcasters/signup.html SpacialNet Account].
# Get a FREE [http://www.spacialnet.com/broadcasters/signup.html SpacialNet Account].
# Log into your SapcialNet account and create a station.
# Log into your SpacialNet account and create a station.
# Upload  a station logo (Optional).
# Upload  a station logo (Optional).
# Configure statistic relay in [[SAM Broadcaster]] or [[SOS]].
# Configure statistic relay in [[SAM Broadcaster]] or [[SOS]].

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In order to advance your station to the bronze level on StreamAds, there are a few things you have to do. Follow the steps listed below and you should be there in no time.


STEP 1: Install software

You need to install either SAM Broadcaster or SOS to inject instream ads into your audio stream.

SAM Broadcaster is an all-in-one solution for broadcasters. It is the automation system, advertisement management system, encoders and web integration package all in solution. See the SAM Broadcaster website for more information. It is the preferred broadcasting solution for professional online broadcasters.

SOS works great with existing automation systems like AudioVault, NextGen, Scotts, Maestro, Dalette, Enco ... just to name a few. For more information about SOS, visit the SOS website.

Further instructions on installing these applications can be found on their respective wiki pages.

STEP 2: List on AudioRealm

You can get more details on the Listing on Audiorealm wiki page, but here is a brief overview of what's required:

  1. Get a FREE SpacialNet Account.
  2. Log into your SpacialNet account and create a station.
  3. Upload a station logo (Optional).
  4. Configure statistic relay in SAM Broadcaster or SOS.
  5. Verify that your station is listed by searching for it on AudioRealm.

STEP 3: Approve campaigns

Log into your StreamAds account.

You need to approve campaigns for your station. A list of available ad campaigns can be viewed by clicking on the RevGen Campaign list link under the RevGen section of the menu. You will be presented with a list of campaigns that are currently available for approval.

Note: You are automatically added to the PSA RevGen Provider. Until you reach bronze level you will not receive any paid advertisements, only PSA ads.

The list has the following filters:

  1. Search: Type a search string to find a specific campaign by name.
  2. Campaign Status: Allows you to filter the list by the campaign status. The default is to only show Active campaigns, but you can also change the filter to show Recent, Completed, Deleted or campaigns of Any status.
  3. Approval Status: Allows you to filter the list according to the way in which campaigns have been approved or rejected. The default is to only show campaigns for which there are stations that are in the New state. The filter can also be changed to show campaigns for which there are stations which have rejected or accepted the campaign, or simply show campaigns with any aproval status.
  4. Cost Type: Allows you to filter the list according to the payment type of the campaign. You can show all campaigns, campaigns with no payment, CPM (Cost-per-mille) campaigns, CPC (Cost-per-click) campaigns, CPA (Cost-per-action) campaigns, or CPP (Cost-per-phonecall) campaigns.

Each entry in the list has the following links:

  1. All: Approves the campaign for all your stations.
  2. None: Rejects the campaign for all your stations.
  3. Select: Allows you to select a subset of your stations for which the campaign will be approved.
  4. Preview: Allows you to view the ads that make up a specific campaign. This might aid you in deciding whether you want to run this campaign on your station.

The Approval column in the list uses the codes N, A, and R to indicate the number of New, Accepted, and Rejected station approvals respectively for the specific campaign.

STEP 4: Configure software to receive ads

Please refer to either the SAM Broadcaster or SOS section below, depending on the software you are using.

SAM Broadcaster

Open SAM Broadcaster and go to the Config screen, then open the StreamAds Providers configuration section. Select the Provider A tab and then do the following:

  1. Make sure the Enable provider checkbox is checked.
  2. Make sure the Provider interface URL is http://sa-a.streamads.com/sa/admin/
  3. Enter your station’s StreamAds username into the Username field, and then your password into the password field.
  4. Finally, click on the Verify button. If the setup was done correctly, you should now see a Your login was successfully verified! message dialog.

Important: At this point, make sure to write down your PublisherID number – you will need this in later steps!

You need to configure your SAM Broadcaster with a PAL script in order for SAM Broadcaster to start playing these advertisements. You can generate the script by clicking on the Generate PAL Script' link in the stations section of the StreamAds menu, specifying a desired ad-block duration and frequency, and then clicking generate. You can copy the generated PAL script from the text area and load this PAL script into SAM Broadcaster.


SOS has all the same settings as SAM Broadcaster for the StreamAds provider config, but has one extra setting where you can specify whether song history should be logged at the provider. You can select Provider 1 for this setting if you wish to be able to generate song performance reporting from the StreamAds website. (This is not needed for SAM Broadcaster as this product contains its own built-in reporting functions.)

SOS will then automatically download new advertisements to have them ready when it receives a command from the automation system that it is time to play advertisements. In order for ads to play, this communication with the automation system must have been set up via "Event Adapters". See Event Adaptors and SOS Appendix B for more details. If you need assistance to get your Event Adapters set up, please contact SapcialAudio support.

STEP 5: Complete information

Log into your StreamAds account.

Personal Information

Complete your personal details by clicking on the Edit personal details link under the Agency section of the menu. You need to have the following information completed accurately in addition to the required fields:

  1. Email: Your email address.
  2. Phone number: Your phone number.

Station Information

Complete your station details by locating your station in the Station List and then clicking on the Edit link for your station. You need to have the following information completed accurately in addition to the required fields

  1. Email: Your station's email address.
  2. Website: Your station's website.
  3. Language: The language your station broadcasts in.
  4. Genre: Your station's genre. You need to provide at least one genre.
  5. Timezone: The timezone from which your station broadcasts.
  6. Country: The country from where your station broadcasts. If you are in the United States, you also need to provide:
    1. State: The state from where your station broadcasts.
    2. DMA: The metropolitan area from where your station broadcasts.

Payment Information

Complete your payment details by clicking on the Edit payment details link under the Agency section of the menu. You need to have the following information completed accurately:

  1. Account: Select the account for which your want to update payment details. (Most users will have only a single account)
  2. Minimum payment: Nominate a minimum payment value you wish to accumulate before receiving a payment.
  3. Payment Method: Select either PayPal or Check. Checks will be mailed to a postal address you provide.
  4. PayPal Email / Postal address: Depending in whether you selected PayPal or Check, you will have to provider either a postal address where the check will be mailed to. For PayPal you need to provide the email address you used to sign up for PayPal.
  5. Country: You need to provide the country where you live. If that country is the United States, then a button will appear that will allow you to provide your tax details. US residents have to provider their tax information in order to receive payments.

Tax Information (US residents only)

Complete your tax details by clicking on the Update Tax Info button on the above mentioned Payment Details form. You will be presented with an IRS Form W-9 which you need to complete with your most recent tax payer details.

STEP 6: Generate player code (Optional)

Fill in the following fields to generate a web player for your station:

  1. Player type: Indicate whether you want a player for a single station, a group of stations, or a player that looks like the AudioRealm player. If you have multiple stations, you can create a station group by clicking on the Add New Station Group button that appears when you select the Station Group player type, or simply select a stationgroup you've previously created.
  2. Popup player: A popup player will create a separate browser window with a player in. If your player is not a popup player, it can simply be embedded as part of a page on your website.
  3. Player design: Depending on the type of player you're creating, there are a number of preset designs to choose from. You can always do further styling using CSS.
  4. Select a station: Select the station (or station group) you're creating a player for and then click the GO button.
  5. Station Name: Indicate the name of the station that you want to see displayed on the player.
  6. Station URL: Indicate the source of the audio stream.
  7. Cover Picture URL: Indicate where you're hosting your cover pictures if you've set up SAM Broadcaster to embed cover picture filenames in the audio stream.
  8. Enable Gateway: Indicate whether you want a gateway advertisement to play every time someone starts listening to your station.
  9. Enable 1-to-1 Ads: Indicate whether you want your player to be able to deliver 1-to-1 targeted ads. This is a good idea if you want to advance the level of your station in future.
  10. Use Shoutcast: Indicate whether you hosting a shoutcast stream. Select No for anything but Shoutcast streams.

After generating the player, you can copy the code in the Player Code section and paste it in your website.

STEP 7: Monitor path to approval

Check your progress toward reaching the bronze level for a specific station by clicking on the Station levels overview under the RevGen section of the menu. The Station Levels Overview page will show you the goals required for each level, and your progress toward reaching each of these goals.

Under the Bronze heading, take note of the following columns:

  1. Status: This column indicates whether you have reached the goal. When you've reached the goal you will see a tick, otherwise you will see a cross.
  2. Info: This column gives info as to your progress toward reaching the goal.
  3. Extra: This column provides extra information and links required to reach the goal.
  4. How To: This column provides links to useful information that can help you to reach the goal.

STEP 8: Training exam

When you click on the take exam link in the Extra column of the Station Levels Overview page, you'll be redirected to an online exam. This exam requires you to answer questions regarding the StreamAds system. You have to pass the test before you will be allowed to advance your station to the next level. The questions will be related to the concepts described on this wiki page.

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