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StreamAds Active Inventory Report

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Station Active Inventory Report
Station Active Inventory Report



The Station Active Inventory report can give one an instant glance at all the advertisements scheduled on a specific station (or stations) for a certain time period.

Generating the Station Active Inventory Report

  • Stations
    In the Station field you can enter the username of one or multiple stations. Click on the Search icon next to the Station field title to look up station names.
  • Date from
    The starting date of the report data.
  • Date to
    The end date of the report data.
  • Filter
    The filter allows you to limit the advertisement types to display in the report.


  • View - display the results on the screen.
  • Print - display the results in a printer-friendly format.
  • Download - download the results in a comma-delimited file format (*.csv)

Report results

The report is broken up by station city, where all stations from the same city is grouped together.


  • Station
    The name of the station on which the content is scheduled.
  • Currently Trafficked
    The name or description of the advertisement.
  • Type
    Advertisement type, i.e. gateway, in-stream, banner or text.
  • Start Date
    The start date of the advertisement.
  • End date
    The date on which the advertisement will stop being delivered.
  • Priority
    The relative priority of the advertisement (1 to 100, where 100 is very high priority)
  • Preview
    The last column is the preview area. You will visually see banner advertisements, while other types you may need to click on the Preview link.

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