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StreamAds Advertiser Impression Warning Report

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[[Image:advertiser_impression_warning.png|right|thumb|380px|Advertiser Impression Warning Report]]
[[Image:advertiser_impression_warning.png|right|thumb|380px|Advertiser Impression Warning Report]]

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Advertiser Impression Warning Report
Advertiser Impression Warning Report



The StreamAds Advertiser Impression Warning Report provides a quick overview on the delivery of particular advertisment types and impression threshold so we can detect early on if no or little impressions are made on active campaigns that have already started. This will allow us to detected problems like incorrect targeting early on in the campaign.

Generate report

  • Advertisement Types
    Select the type of advertisments we want to filter by.
  • Impression Threshold
    Display advertisemnts where the impressions are lower or equel than the value specified.


  • View - display the results on the screen.
  • Print - display the results in a printer-friendly format.
  • Download - download the results in a comma-delimited file format (*.csv)

Report results

The report results shows the targeted stations that have not delivered the threshold number of impressions. The report will search all the active campaigns that have already started.

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