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StreamAds Banner Upload Form

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Banner Form
Banner Form

Complete all the fields on the form.


General advertisement options

  • Description
    Enter a description for the advertisement that will allow you to easily identify this particular advertisement.
  • Date start
    The date on which the advertisement will start rotating.
    Note: This date should be the same or later than the campaign starting date.
  • Date end
    The date on which the advertisement will stop rotating.
    Note: This date should be the same or earlier than the campaign end date.
  • Separation category
    This item is very important for in-stream advertisements as it provides a way to avoid having two advertisers in the same industry play back-to-back on the station, which is generally considered a bad practice. Thus pick the best describing category for the advertiser's industry.
  • Status
    The advertisement status. Should always be Active.
  • Priority
    Sets the relative priority of advertisements within the campaign. If you wish for some advertisements to have a better likelyhood for being selected for rotation, set them at a higher priority than the other advertisements.
    In most cases though, leave this at the default which is Medium rotation. The only exception to this is when scheduling filler content, in which case this item should be set to Backup only. See Scheduling Filler content for more details.
  • Spread evenly over the entire date range
    When checked, StreamAds will do its best to deliver this advertisement's impressions smoothly over the entire date range. If this is not checked, it could happen that the entire campaign is delivered within the first few hours of the campaign!
    Note: In order for this to work, you should provide the following:
    - Start and End date for the advertisement
    - Maximum impressions, either for all stations combined or alternatively on a Per Station level.

Costs & Limits

  • CPM
    CPM is the cost per 1000 impressions charged to advertisers.
    If you do not charge by CPM, leave this field empty or put in a zero.
    3000 impressions at $5.00 per CPM is a total cost of $15 to the advertiser.
  • CPC
    CPC stands for Cost-per-click. This is the price charged to the advertiser for every time a visitor clicks on a banner or text advertisement.
    If you do not charge by CPC, leave this field empty or put in a zero.
  • Set limits per station
    Check this box if you are scheduling the campaign over multiple stations and need to be very specific on how to split up the impressions and clicks over all of the stations. Directly after completing this form you will be taken to the Per Station limits screen where you can edit this information. See Setting Per Station limits for more details.
    Note: Selecting this will hide the Max impressions and Max clicks below as they are only relevant to setting the limits for all stations combined.
  • Max impressions
    The maximum number of impressions to deliver before stopping this advertisement from being delivered.
    The impressions are spread accross ALL of the targeted stations based on their available inventory.
  • Max clicks
    The maximum number of clicks to deliver before stopping this advertisement from being delivered.
    The clicks are spread accross ALL of the targeted stations based on their available inventory.

Block types

Block types allows stations to automatically filter some unwanted content from being delivered on their stations.

A Christian station for example could set it's block types to Adult content and Alcohol/Tobacco in order to prevent any of those advertisement categorie being delivered on that station.

As a responsible StreamAds Agent you should always specify if your content contains any of the specified block types. For example, if the banner you are uploading contains extreme flashing animations - make sure to check the Extreme animation block type to ensure this is automatically filtered out from any station that opted not to receive that particular category of content.

Banner advertisement details

  • Upload new banner file
    Click on the Browse button and navigate to the location of the banner file on your harddisk. Select the banner file and click Open. You should see the edit field containing the full path and filename of the banner.
  • Click URL
    This is the website URL to where the visitor will be redirected after clicking on the banner.
    IMPORTANT: Do not just type www.website.com, make sure to always include the http:// in front, i.e. http://www.website.com
  • ALT text
    ALT text is the alternative text to use whenever the browser for some reason does not display the banner. This is most often the case for blind users, which instead of viewing images, uses screen reader software to read out webpages to them.
    ALT text is also used for the tooltip/hint displayed when hovering your mouse over the banner.
    We recommend using some type of call to action to put into this field, i.e. Click here now for an AMAZING offer on XYZ

Once you completed all the fields, click on the Submit button to upload the banner.


  • StreamAds currently supports the following banner formats: PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF and FLASH (*.swf)
  • StreamAds can automatically detect URL's embedded in FLASH files and will modify the flash file in order to track clicks. In certain flash files this might not work and StreamAds will be unable to properly track clicks.
  • Keep your banner file size small! A 60k banner with fancy animations will get a lot less clicks than a 10k static banner, simply due to the extra time it takes to download and display a bigger banner.
  • When editing banner advertisement details, note that you do not have to upload a new banner file. Only specify a new banner file if you wish to replace the existing banner file with a new design.
    Tip: We recommend you should never replace an old banner file with a new design. Rather upload the new design as a new banner, and delete the old banner. By doing this you can measure the performance of the new banner against that of the old banner.
  • When editing a banner advertisement, at the bottom of the page a preview of the existing banner and some details about the banner will be displayed.

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